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  1. is the exe on the fist page of this topic? Nevermine , found it
  2. Kjjj11223344----- Look at page 7 of this topic for strat919 post. He has all the info needed for transfer .
  3. Thanks for reply .....I did a lot of reading though this topic and found that if you use " python reduce_imagery.py " and change .jpeg to .bmp , i can now use my tiles from X-plane (ortho120.) 🙂
  4. Hi, Is there a way to use a tile already downloaded and be used for P3d instead of XP-11. The Tile is for my hometown airport and can't be downloaded again because Sat image has been updated from the SOURCE.Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks , Mike
  5. Thanks Michael , Problem is now solved , thanks for all the help !
  6. I need some help with my account for VFX Central. I'm trying to reset my password but i get no links in my email. I called email provider and nothing is blocked.
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