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  1. MHM49

    FALCON 50 - Crazy Screen Graphics

    Thank you. I'll try that.
  2. I purchased this Aircraft a couple of months ago. I am only rarely able to use it - although I really like it - because something "crazy" happens when I try to load the FALCON 50. A series of continuous,random graphics cross the entire screen and make the aircraft unusable. Oddly - form the external view - all is calm and well. Has anyone else experienced this - and what do you have to do to straighten this out? Thank you in advance... Mark Mayo P3D vs3
  3. MHM49

    Falcon 50 Tutorial?

    GREETINGS - Just purchased the FALCON 50 and would really welcome a chance to work with a TUTORIAL. Does it exist? Is there a Video Tutorial? I'd be happy w/just step-step written. Thanks MARK
  4. MHM49

    SELCAL ON 777

    Thank you all for your responses. Therefore - I will submit the SELCAL given to me by VATSIM into my Flight Plan. I just didn't know if my aircraft would actually "ring" based on the SELCAL they provided.
  5. MHM49

    SELCAL ON 777

    GREETINGS: Is there any way to set a SELCAL code on the 777? I'm flying CTP once again - and quite frankly - the SELCAL issue never came up... but it would be nice to know how to tune the assigned SELCAL if possible. Please let me know ... Thanks MARK
  6. GREETINGS: Love the PMDG-777-200 that I recently purchased. I enjoy landing my aircraft manually for the last 5-10 miles. I don't think that I'm doing this correctly - and would welcome proper direction as the alarms are killing me! Particularly when I'm communicating w/Tower and Ground. First - I disconnect AP. Alarms start Then I push the bar back in. Alarm keeps going. I toggle everything to get rid of the sound... Sometimes I get lucky and I did the right combination to get rid of the horrible alarms and horns. So... what is the correct way to "take over the aircraft entirely" for landing.? Thank You, Mark N49
  7. GREETINGS: I can get the Number 7 on the Keypad to Lowever the Trim.... but I cannot seem to find a functioning key on the keypad to Raise the Trim. I'm trying to match the Trim number that the FMC requests. Is there - perhaps - another keyboard (letter/combo?) that adjusts trim? Thanks - MHM49 N49 (BVARtCC)