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  1. After running some tests the max memory being used is 4.5GB to 5.0GB, So about half of the maximum available memory. This looks to be the problem... My CPU is at 100% utilization while running P3D v4.5. Interesting though that despite completely "nerfing" my settings in the game and flying any of the P3D provided aircraft it does not make my CPU usage any lower? Is this known to be a performance problem with the P3D client? [Added] Even playing DCS with maximum settings only utilizes 45% of my CPU... Makes me certainly believe that Lockheed has an optimization problem.
  2. No. In fact I am getting an average of 20 FPS but a lot of freeze frames are occuring
  3. Hello all, I'm writing this one today because i'm quite stumped as to why my simulator is performing so poorly. I have never had this problem before in my time of flight simulation from FSX to P3DV4.5... I have tried loading different aircraft shedding different graphics, addons, weather, etc, and i'm not sure what else to do. Please let me know if I can send you any log files and I have listed my PC specs below. [Added] I have also tried clearing shaders, .cfg's, and changing my settings but there is no improvement. Thank You [SPECS] Windows 10 i7-4790K @4.00GHz ASUS ROG GTX1070-8GB 32GB Ram ASUS Z97 Motherboard My Mods List
  4. Has the idea of engine exhaust heat becoming an effect like the way it is in X-Plane or DCS? This would be an amazing enhancement and I was just curious if this had been discussed, etc. Thanks!
  5. They have alsways worked fine until tonight? Cannot be viewed unless the exterior camera angle is at a 45 degree pointing down towards the aircraft.. Any thoughts??
  6. I searched around a bit after noticing flickering tiles at very far distances while travelling over the ocean. I read that it may be remedied by cycling your LOD slider from ultra>high>ultra, with it only being fixed while on the high setting. I read that this may be linked to a shader problem, etc. I am currently using the latest version of THOPAT and was hoping that I could get a fix for this issue. Thanks!
  7. For whatever reason, now I cannot save a flight scenario without the error "Scenario Save Failed!" Edit: Looks like bit defender file secure may have been blocking it. I will check back with an answer.
  8. Thank you very much! It tottally spaced my mind that I did in fact run an update
  9. For whatever reason, my simulator tonight has been ruthless to me with no near sign of why this is happening. When loading the flight, the moment I reach 100% or shortly after my sim will "stop responding" requiring me to close the application. Looking in events viewer it shows me no leads how ever In one instance it tells me that twinapi.dll was the root of the cause. The even stranger part is that I have done nothing to my simulator or computer and I have completed many flights between then and now with no issues. The most recent thing which I did tonight was activate the PMDG 777 which had already been installed, just not activated. It may also be noted that my bitdefender antivirus was renewed and I beleive updated to the 2018 version. But as I will mention I disabled it (I think) and still no joy. Now I have tried every trick in the book from removing liveries, disabling antivirus, clearing my config, and many more in between. The only thing that I have yet to do is reset my scenery.cfg file. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully this won't ground me.
  10. I have the RMB to look around enabled. Sometimes this will interfere as if I was right clicking in the A/C
  11. Thank you that's interesting. I'll see if any of the default planes are that way.
  12. Any explanation as to why these buttons are exposing a green light like this? thanks.
  13. For some reason when I switch to tower, ai, or ground view my contrails will still appear but will stop creating themselves off the engines. I have attached two photos displaying what I mean.
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