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  1. Hello, First - I've submitted a support ticket on this topic to Carenado and we've been trouble shooting for a week or so... just wanted to see if anyone else had solved this: I've noticed that in the 2.0 version of the C182T as well as my other Carenado G1000 planes when I hit flight plan button nothing happens and the "CLR" button and the "ENT" button do not work. Here is a video that I submitted to Carenado that shows the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IogSEYOUhw&feature=youtu.be When I create a flight plan in FSX the functionality returns and I'm able to edit an existing flight plan but I can not create a new one in the sim. Anyone have this issue or know what could be causing it?
  2. fencelake

    C441 start procedure video

    Thanks for the comments Ken. I just flew my first IFR flight on Pilot Edge with the Conquest, and I really enjoyed it. The autopilot being what it is, mixed with the GTN 750, and then this being my first plane with Garretts... I kind of chuckled because even though I haven't flown a 441 in real life, the plane is quirky like a lot of airplanes, but a fun plane to fly. MY close friend flies a 441 so I want to get his take on this model... Personally I would like to tweak the CFG just so it taxis slower, because it's like a bucking horse right now when I hit my brake button. I don't have rudder pedals... which I'm sure help a ton! Overall though, with the exception of a few bugs... fun airplane. here are some good videos on start procedure: Hot Start (found it interesting): Shut down:
  3. fencelake

    C441 start procedure video

    So, I've figured out that the pitch mode does work if you open the window (Shift + 3) in FSX. I'm using the GTN 750, so nav mode works fine, but as you approach your target altitude start dialing back the pitch leading to your altitude and then hit the alt button to hold the altitude. It seems strange to me that if Alabeo is assuming a model which has upgraded avionics, why wouldn't they assume an upgraded autopilot... oh well... Right now I'm looking at the aircraft.cfg to see if I can tweak the engines / props so that it doesn't go quite so fast when taxiing, and also when I put it in reverse and bring back out it doesn't surge so much. Does anyone know much about the aircraft.cfg? Looks like it has similar lines to other turboprop cfg files. Also, here's the response I received from Alabeo: Thank you for your valuable feedback. We'll consider it to include ton the next version for this aircraft. Pretty disappointing considering the problems I pointed out are the NTS check, and a couple of other main "Garrett" type items.
  4. fencelake

    C441 start procedure video

    I am having all the above problems as well. I sent a support ticket this morning. I'm also having trouble with the autopilot. Pitch up and down is not working. Also should the plane roll forward before the start locks are taken off? if the props aren't creating any pitch should it still roll? I'm asking because I haven't flown a real one yet. Also, when my condition levers are in "START/TAXI" the plane goes way too fast down the taxiway, so I'm taxiing with them in "TAKEOFF/CRUISE" which is wrong, but the plane taxis much slower. Is this an accurate characteristic?
  5. I know there are some tweaks out there for FSX, and most of them deal with frame rate, but I'm having trouble with everything loading... sometimes things freeze... sometimes the VC doesn't load all the way, or the exterior of the planes just the windows load... and then sometimes I get a black screen and have to shut down completely. So I'm running several things at once... and maybe my computer just can't keep up. Here's what I have going on... FSX, REX Essential Plus Overdrive, Orbyx Socal scenery, Pilotedge ATC and then Flightsim GPS for ForeFlight on the ipad. I'm flying Carenado/Alabeo planes, GTN 750/RXP GNS 530. That's a lot of stuff... I guess... My computer is Intel i7-5820K @ 3.30GHz; 32GB of RAM; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980; Windows 7 Pro 64 bit... I guess I'm wondering if just playing with the sliders in FSX will make a difference, or if I need to tune my computer better or both? Would the well known tweaks to the FSX.cfg help me out? or that FSX Boost? I open to suggestions...
  6. Right on! Thanks for the reply! I haven't, but I will now. Thanks for sending this link Wow!! It's a field guide to panel.cfg! Awesome!
  7. I thought of one more question to put out there: If you're changing something in the panel.cfg... under virtual cockpit... do you change it in [window XX] as well or is that just 2D stuff?
  8. Thanks for the reply Bert, Yea, I keep reading different threads, and seeing what people are doing. I guess I just need to keep learning about all the coding etc. I was looking at the A36 from Carenado this morning and it has two base 430's in it, and I was like man, if I could just get rid of those two and put the GTN in the hole it would be perfect. When I deleted the gauge comment nothing happens to the gauges... They look like the kind that would just comment out but maybe not. It's a shame to not be able to upgrade these planes... Carenado does such a great job with the planes and the new stuff is upgrade-able, but it sure would be nice to do the same with the older ones. So, I guess if RXP integration is possible, then they're just using the same modeling? Because the buttons should be different on the RXP. I saw your thread of the 182Q... that's a great one to upgrade. I love that plane a lot... I'll have to give it a shot.
  9. Hi, I'm new and hopefully this is the right place to post this: I just bought the F1 GTN 750 and as expected I'm trying to put it into any plane I can. I've been reading every thread I can find on this subject. I don't really want to keep bugging the gurus on here with every aircraft, and also I'd like to contribute what I can as well, seeing that folks on here have been really generous with their coding. I realize that some planes have modeled pieces in the VC which you can't get rid of, but other planes, specifically Carenado and Alabeo have panels that are configurable, at least at first glance. So my question is... When I comment out the existing component or components and then add the GTN coding in the panel.cfg. Some planes with the same existing instruments comment right out and the GTN will comment right in and others it doesn't work at all. So what am I missing if I comment out an existing gauge and it still shows up in the VC? I'm getting it hit or miss right now, so I know there's something else I should do. Another question that I have is a few of the planes offer Reality XP integration... so shouldn't those factory GNS 530's be removable? I'll probably purchase the RXP 530 too... but I just thought I'd see what I can do with the GTN. I appreciate any help!