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  1. ok, I'll check there first...I suppose the FCTM looks quite intimidating...
  2. Is there some documentation/instructions on how to manually land the 777? Mike
  3. ok thanks, I figured it out. More specifically, I need to click the 'Mic' button to the left of the clock. Then, in the second panel, I need to select the button labelled "L VHF". (I'm guessing this is VHF 1?)
  4. I'm at KORD. For a regular startup the ATC works. However, if I start from Cold and Dark the ATC doesn't work. I turned SERV INTPH on and set the radio to 121.625...
  5. mikeglaz

    Manual landing

    The Tutorial doesn't address this (I don't think). But what would I need to do to manually land the 777? Obviously I need to turn off auto-pilot. Anything else to change or keep in mind?
  6. mikeglaz


    Is there a chart somewhere on which flap setting to use for both takeoff and landing?
  7. Which PMDG aircraft is the most popular and the easiest to learn? I.e. which has the best manuals and the most tutorials?
  8. mikeglaz

    Turn off TOGA

    I've already done this a couple times. I accidentally pressed the TOGA button assigned to my joystick, once at the gate and once while taxiing. Is there a way to turn it off?
  9. ok, so once I vector to the first waypoint, how do I get the autopilot to follow the waypoints? Turning on the LNAV doesn't seem to work.
  10. Is there a reason there are no SIDs at KORD?
  11. I setup my flight path with PFPX, my 777 takes off to the west at O'Hare and keeps flying west. Does anyone know why the first waypoint says VECTORS?
  12. I see what happened. I have a 4-way toggle switch on my Thrustmaster throttle...thanks guys!
  13. When I set the elevator trim from 4.00 to 2.75 my flight yoke turns to the right. Is this supposed to happen? If so, why?
  14. I'm playing around with planning my own route using SkyVector and comparing it to what PFPX outputs. I managed to fly from Berlin to Milan the only problem was that I was above Milan airport at 41,000 ft. Am I the one who's supposed to input a Top of Descent point or did I do something else wrong?
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