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  1. Servus aus Graz, the landing/runway lights illumination issue seems to be a speciality of PMDG 737- since i installed GF-TQ6 ADV this bug also infected my FSX Sim. Is there any news about ?. I would appreciate it, if someone could tell me: this or that is the cause. Thanks for your help regards delefinchen
  2. late, but not too late I realized the most inspired way to get running the A/T disengage button on TQ6- created by downscc.My deep appreciation to him, giving thanks to all members for readiness to help. I misinterpreted PMDG folder and FMC PMDG Options Menu. delefinchen
  3. Now i found the folder: PMDG: NGX_shortcuts .ini : and the file: A/T DISENGAGE SWITCH=0, 0, 0, 0. I think its meaning to assign a key in this file. But the question ist how to do. please help. thanks delefinchen
  4. Servus downscc, deeply thankful I would ask for introducing me how to assign this key file and key description in the PMDG /FSX folder. Sorry, I am a greenhorn in this matter and also in addition to written and spoken English. As an FSX user I cannot take a benefit from the other worthwhile tips given by NBouc and 777200Irf. Thanks to all for helpful support. delefinchen
  5. Dear friends, two years ago I bought TQ6 – - and all functions work fine. Now I would like to adapt it closer to the reality with TQ6 ADV- and since two weeks my PMDG 737 is equipped with this product to fly by FSX. Trying to use A/T disengage button I am failing. Very disappointing. No possibility to get this funciton running. According to installing order from GF instructions: ” to program the auto throttle disengage this button can be set in FSUIPC with the input: “AP panel speed off-” negativ- FSX does not have this function. By the way: FSUIPC is a payware software. Then it was told to me by petr dowson, the PMDG 737 has its own list of controls(events), which can be assigned via FSUIPC custom control selection- PMDG used term: EVT_control_Stand_AT1_disengage_switch 70314-.I tried to set this file under button and switches in custom control- also negativ. Please help me regards Willi
  6. thank you so much, may be, the NDB approach from the CDU database does not have a glide path attached to it- I will try to choose another NDB approach profil.If I remember rightly, the G/P has been reached to late and to close to the threshold.
  7. Hallo, NDB(NDM)approach Venisse-Tessera-04R-D 115.3 Tes. I am using IAN, but on final FMA display FAC green as roll mode, but not G/P as pitch mode- FMA display shows VNAV Path green and G/P remains white and not active- can you tell me, why? thanks Willi
  8. Servus aus Graz, what an ispired solution: between computed V1 and VR speed in takeoff-page should be minimum 20kts- enough to hear V1 callout from iFly commander and VR callout from Fs2crew.To closely speed-difference is causing, that only FS2Crew FO speech (VR) is reporting.
  9. Good morning from Graz, thanks very much for your response- but I thought, V1 callouts of iFly 737 are to be setting in the config.manager- where to entering in the FMC?- To you mean the config panel of FS2Crew?- by using PMDG 737 yes, there I can configure the callouts by FMC and FO calls in FS2Crew are working very well: V1, 80 ktns, rotate and so on.But iFly and FS2Crew seems to be not the same software architecture.
  10. Good evening aus Graz, I realised, that iFly 737 NG System only calls out V1 at takeoff modus-Not 80 kts or Rotate, because Officer callouts are not simulated- as described in pilots manual/tutorial. Never mind, because now I am using FS2Crew and my copilot says : 80 kts, Rotate,and also gear up- But the question ist: The callout V1 simulated by iFly seems to be disappeared. Why? Proposal for solution are kindly requested. Thanks and greatings willi
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