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  1. Hey guys, Have been away from fsx for awhile with various real life things. I remembered that there used to be a page on facebook from WOAI where they would give updates on the new release Like 6 months ago they said they were almost ready for a new release. Well apparently I forgot to bookmark it. Does anyone have the link as a search didn't bring up anything. It brought up an (unnamed) traffic, but not the proper one that I had remembered that was not associated with the (unnamed) traffic addon. Thanks.
  2. Ok Thanks, Glad it was supposed to look like that. Thought I was maybe missing a file..
  3. Hello, I noticed something rather unusual in my default scenery, I noticed some strange speckled textures. Does anyone else have this issue? I was flying around KPBH/KHYR. As usual I will include a link to the screen capture. I can run things quite high with smooth frames so I am unsure why I see this. Thanks --Carl
  4. Hey guys, I noticed something strange on KSFO, I am using the default scenery and always have, I don't remember if I ever saw this before on it. I will include a screen shot demonstrating it. Does anyone else have that strip of grass there or is it just me? Thanks, Carl
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums here, but I have read many posts and you guys seem pretty understanding and helpful. I have Ultimate Traffic 2 and My Traffic X, I like the routes that the UT2 has planes fly, but i don't like the default Daedalus textures. My Traffic X has some of those missing repaints and for that matter some of the missing airlines FedEx/UPS for example. Now my question is how can I take some of the planes and textures out of My Traffic and import them and add them to UT2? I noticed that in MTX at Minneapolis which is a main Delta hub My Traffic had 2 from that while UT2 had the proper number and concentration, but no FedEX or UPS. There are many examples of missing things from both. Running both was duplicating airlines though. Any ideas of merging certain textures from MTX to UT2. I tried searching the forum but never actually found a good answer on how to do it. Thanks --Carl