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    I love trijets (i.e. DC10s and L1011s).

    Simulator: FSX:SE
    Addons: CaptainSim L1011
    Just Flight DC10 Collection HD
    PMDG 777-20LR and 777F

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  1. Its the Ultralight.
  2. I think the reason why the 777 isn't loading is due to the aircraft not initializing. Is there some force initialize command or something to make the aircraft initialize? -Arman Kaplan
  3. I am loading the 777 so that I can join a multiplayer server (no shared cockpit) and that I can do a group flight where everyone is in their own aircraft. Oh and by the way, other people have their 777 from PMDG working as well. -Arman Kaplan
  4. But I am trying to use the PMDG 777 for myself only. No shared cockpit. -Arman Kaplan
  5. Oh ok. Sorry about the full name thing. The PMDG 777 works fine in singleplayer. I tried this method by joining with a default aircraft and then exiting the flight and changing to the 777, but it still gives me the same result. And the button for a change of aircraft on the menu bar at the top is greyed out. - Arman Kaplan
  6. When I load up the PMDG 777 in multiplayer for fsx:Steam, I get black monitors and no landing gear. Also nothing is clickable and there is no initialization. I would really like to fly my new PMDG 777-200LRX and 777-F. P.S. I tried multiplayer with the PMDG house livery.