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  1. Dave, Thanks for those landing tips all is well now Tony
  2. Hello, I have a small problem everything works great except on any landing when the wheels make contact with the runway the aircraft bounces up and away landing with ILS at 130kt autopilot off at 500 feet Tony
  3. Hello Alex, for your info the Q-400 version for P3D V4 does not contain the database files that were in P3D V3 Mjc8q400 folders!!!!! just inform anyone to use SimBrief and put the saved FPR files in Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\nav\routes folder and they will show up in the FMS of Q-400 Tony
  4. Hello Bert, thanks for the early test version installed and did a few flights using RNAV and ILS with no problems to KSEA Tony
  5. Hello Bert, I am using popup 750 and popup B737_800!autopilot with no problems in P3D V4 just waiting for your Mod for the 750 cockpit Tony
  6. Alex, I kind of missed that LOL On the procedure page in the manual it has all the info maybe my post will also help others that are interested in RNAV instead of ILS planning I always use RNAV even when runways have ILS Tony
  7. Alex, I fly a British Columbia trip of 488 miles CYEG CEV5 CYXS CAU4 CBZ9 CYPZ so now I do my normal RNAV approach and get URLAS VODEP LAVYL ODBAP and runway 29 and a hold at YYD when I pick the RNAV approach my GTN 750 does this automatically but in your LittleNav I have to add all the waypoints to the LittleNav flight plan between CBZ9 and CYPZ I wonder if in the future you will add this feature for us Tony
  8. Alex, I have not used the Q400 since P3D V4 came out in May but I have 4 database files dated 10/20/2016 and also the main nd.mdb which is the main Microsoft Access Q400 spreadsheet which is 161MB long do you want me to send them to you Tony
  9. Hello Bert, I was wondering if and when Carenado TBM 850 HD SERIES is updated for P3D V4 and does not have the 750/650 Integration will your Integration Mods work could you send me email of you present Mods so I can get an idea thanks Tony
  10. Hello Since Little Nav Map supports exporting flight plans to the native GTN 750/650 Units. Does anyone know how to get the flight plan to load into these units? go to the F1 GTN/GNS Series Support Forum on Simforums.com Look at my Hot Sticky topic [Tip] How to create a gfp Flight plan for import you get lots of info Tony
  11. Alex get ready for lots of interest in LittleNavmap now that Flight1 has released the new GTN for FSX and P3D I just took a look at my hot sticky topic on LittlenavMap views are at 1365 time to put Flightsim commander and the rest of my flight planner programs to sleep and start flying again with my aircraft using GTN 750/650 and LittleNavMap Tony
  12. Hello I must say this Simplugin's forum is quiet anyway I did get it to work in P3D V4 I uninstalled from P3D V3 and reinstalled the 2.97 version and after install I use only Panel Builder and simplugins Prepar3dv3 modules not the simplugins fsuipc P3D Tony
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