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  1. I have discovered the cause of my Memory Leak in both P3D V3 and V4. It was Traffic; by simply turn All Traffic OFF I now have stable VAS usage in P3D V3 and of less significance, leaking memory in V4. Thanks for all the suggestions and advice its all extending my knowledge base of the quirks and quarks of P3D. MickP
  2. If as you say "in P3D V4 not to be concerned about leaking memory" surely eventually a continuous leak will use up all available resources and result in a system crash of some sort?
  3. I have tried the Nvidia driver route without success, the driver was the same before and after the leak. The same is true of the addons nothing was added its the exact same before and after, except an update to ChasePlane which is so universally used surely others would have experience the same leak problem V3 and V4. This is very puzzling does anyone have a methodology for pinpointing the problem? MickP
  4. My P3D V3 install (after working perfectly for months) developed a severe memory leak whereby the VAS gradually increased to OOM when just sitting at the gate especially severe with A2A 182 and Comanche. This occurred (maybe just a coincident) after reverting config file back to original after experimenting with the PTA tool and on starting the sim ChasePlane updated but instead of displaying VAS it displayed a smiley face. Explored all the recommended fixes without success including a lengthy reinstall. Without solving the problem with V3 I installed P3D V4 (thinking it would be worth the time building the sim again all be it waiting for developers to release V4 versions) and on opening ChasePlane I noted the smiley face I had seen previously. I have continued to try and repair/solve the problem with P3D V3 (sitting idle after load) and observed the continuous consumption of memory in Task Manager I then did the same with P3D V4 (sitting idle after load) and observed the very same continuous consumption of memory. All the other apps I use with P3D (ChasePlane, Active Sky) when sitting idle remain constant in memory use, as does all the Adobe products, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Does anyone know what’s going on here and can offer a solution, this happened prior to the Windows10 update which I installed later in the vain hope that it might fix the problem all relevant drivers have been updated. I need HELP, any suggestions? MickP System Specs: Intel i7 4.0 GHZ OC:4.5GHZ msi Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon 16GB DDR-4-3000 RAM Nvidia GTX 1080 Windows10
  5. Reverting back to Nvidia driver 376.33 did not solve the leak. I re-installed P3D and the VAS leak has gone away, I'm none the wiser as to what caused the problem, strangely the 376.33 Nvidia driver I reverted back to, has changed to version 37635? (GTX 1080). Mick Partlett
  6. Thank you all for your advice, the older nvidia driver has not stopped the memory leak. Chaseplane notified me today that their current build is not compatible with the latest version of P3D (which I'm using) so I'm going to run some VAS tests minus Chaseplane. Fingers crossed this is the culprit. Thanks Mick
  7. Paul Problem still persists after Nvidia upgrade. Really cannot fathom where or why all of a sudden this memory leak has started. I've only got back into simming after giving up on it 7 years ago, it's all coming back just how frustrating it is continually dealing with technical and compatibility issues. Thanks for your help Mick
  8. Thanks Paul I hope its this simple I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers Mick
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