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  1. Hello, Thanks. I have. There is no solution. The easiest way is probably rename old folders/files first, then reinstall, then move old files back. Since everything is working apart from executing the default icon I'm fine. However if there's a simpler solution I would try that. Axel.
  2. Thanks vortex. I have modified some OOB textures and CFG parameters. I don't want to run install because it probably resets some of my adaptions and I need to track manually where those changes are reverted back and where are not. But good to know someone else has the same issue. I'm pretty sure it is not an update. I wish there will be updates in the future tho. Starting simulator separately by executing fsx.exe is not a big deal anyway. But if someone has a solution, I am appreciated to hear about it. ( I have spent more time in tweaking than flying so now I try to concentrate on the flying part :-) ) Axel.
  3. Thanks. Steam client wants to reinstall the whole game. When trying offline mode it says: "This game is not ready to be playned in Offline mode". But as I wrote, when executing fsx.exe everything runs nice and smoothly. Steam client has forgotten that the game is already installed. Axel.
  4. Steam edition has worked "just fine" - at least no game issues in general. Today after launching FSX icon as usual Steam client wants to start install procedure again. Well, I have modified sceneries too much I would like to reset the game. I can start the game by executing fsx.exe just fine but then I need manually to launch steam agent before that. This must be a generic issue - I just didn't find right search phrases to find an answer. Axel.
  5. Hello. Thanks. This setting actually does something. I can improve trees quite a bit. Not completely able to remove the problem but surely adjusting SGSS makes them better. So NI profiler actually works. Good. Axel.
  6. Refreshed temporary MP4 link. Don't know if this is called flickering, shimmering or something else. I haven't found a setting which helps for this (or makes any difference). https://filetea.me/t1sPsyRCvaNTxa7Iig7HTMyhw Axel.
  7. Hello. Thank you very much for answers. Since I'm not a native English speaker we might have endless terminology misunderstanding here so this is how it looks like: http://expirebox.com/download/f0265ffe91cda1446a9787761d1b90e1.html Low framerate is due to screen capture. Axel.
  8. Yes I'm running Inspector as Admin. Couldn't figure out how to upload an image into gallery, no screenshot available (of profile settings). In addition I have cleared out the profile since it does nothing anyway. Just using AA and filtering settings available in FSX's settings. Just that unrealistic flickering on trees and some airport textures looks ugly but... I've tried everything I can think of. Lets focus on flying :-) Axel.
  9. Thanks. Good guide. Does not help for me, but good article. Axel.
  10. Yesterday I installed SE edition. So it is a fresh installation. Same problem: overriding app settings do not work. The core problem is smaller in SE tho. I can see slight vertical movement and I think that is one of the reasons for flickering. I tried ForceFullScreenVSync=1 in CFG but it probably didn't help. Or if it helps it is very small improvement. My trees flicker a lot, also some buildings and some airports. I'm out of workarounds... If someone has been able to remove flickering in trees, I'm thankfully receiving ideas ... Axel.
  11. Christopher Low: I am able to save settings. I can see nVidia control panel that settings are properly saved and Inspector work just fine. In addition the same behavior exists when I use nVidia control panel. I can change settings but nothing happens in FSX. Ilya: Yes it behaves just like this is the issue. Just that it is linked to fsx.exe. I also created a new profile fron scratch. I have double... or triple checked this. And also... nVidia control panel does the same. To test this I have switched filtering off in FSX. Then trying to change filtering and AA settings. No changes whatsoever... Thanks for your prompt reply! BR, Axel
  12. I have flickering problem and i've been trying to fix it by changing settings in Nvidia Profile Inspector. After some time I realized that those settings do not affect to FSX. Have anyone experienced the same issue? Driver ver is 372.90 Inspector 2.12 I'm pretty sure I'm not doing a simple mistake, but please challenge me. Like: Antialising mode -> override any application setting Apply changes -> clicked after change DX10 mode is disabled fsx.exe is linked to Inspector's profile Antialising and filtering settings are only affected when changed in FSX's display setting dialog. I have created a new profile to Inspector and... reboots etc many times. Axel.
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