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  1. Hey guys, we, the leafyvirtualgroup.com, are actually desperately headhunting for an talented Painter who could perfectionize and continues our Painting-Projects. As we know how much work it means to paint, we´d like to offer a financial goodie for the best fitting Painter. (how much will be discussed behind the scenes, but it´s not to less) If there´se anybody out there who feels talented and able to produce Paints for Birds like PMDG, Aerosoft, FSLabs, Majestic Dash and/or QualityWings, is kindly invited to contact us. Yours sincerely, leafyvirtualgroup|com ___ Web: http://flyleafy.com, http://leafyvirtualgroup.com Facebook: http://fb.com/leafyvirtualgroup
  2. What means z-order conflicting? Solution?
  3. I heard the same but when I tested I got flickering textures in distance and some buildings, autogen and trees (especially winter textures) are "liny", flickering and ugly.. dunno why.
  4. Happy new year, I've been struggling with the Anti Aliasing in P3D v3. Its very shimmery, the autogen in far distance looks "liny" and ugly, sometimes also buildings at airports, as example FlyTampa Vienna. Have you guys any suggestions on whats the problem? I currently run a Zotac GTX1070 AMP! Extreme, i7 6700K (OC 4,6 GHz), 16 GB DDR4 RAM, ASUS 28 inches 4K Monitor. I bought the monitor two weeks ago so I'm new with 4K. Thank you very much. Ron
  5. Hello, I´m searching for someone who likes to start a virtual airline with me together. The VA will be based on the vAMSYS 2.1, it´s the same system vRYR and vEZY are using. I´ve planned to start with a smaller airline so it could grow up with the number of members. Aircrafts: Dash 8 Q400, Boeing 738 and Airbus A320. If you´re interested in starting a VA, please contact me. :-) Have a nice evening.
  6. Thanks for your hard work! I downloaded your sky pack from your website but there is only the /texture/ folder included, no ReShade Preset or something, information about HDR Settings, PTA Settings, ... could you maybe tell me where I can find? Greetings
  7. Hello, I was thinking about to create an community. So, i decided to create an TS3 for every FlightSim enthusiast (FSX, P3D or X-Plane). This Teamspeak 3 Server is for people to talk about problems, finding someone to fly or just to relax and meet other people. If you want to join, type > ts3.onvlock.com < in the adress field. We also have an filesharing browser, so you can share your configs or presets with the community. Just ask me/us for a membership if you are an returning visiter. With the Membership you can create your own Channels to be alone with your friends. We have two spoken languages here: German and English. Greetings from Germany :-)
  8. I have the same problem. So flicking the effect-settings to medium ("special effects") will bring results? 737 Immersion is working but PrecipitFX dont.
  9. Yeah, but maybe they've made a mistake by the configuration or I make something wrong when I configure P3D. But at least clearly fresh installed P3D doesn't work well.
  10. Hello guys, after buying a computer system and having problems with it, I'll send it back tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I'll go to a local computer store to configure my new system and let them build it. Now to my question: What do you recommend? In my actual computer which works bad with P3D, I have this components: Intel Core i7 6700K overcl. to 4,4 GHz GeForce GTX 1070 Palit Gamerock MSI Z170A Gaming M3 Motherboard be quiet! Pure Power, 600 Watt 250 GB Samsung Evo 750 SSD 1 TB S-ATA3 HDD Now my question: GTX1070 enough for P3D or makes a 1080 a big difference relating to P3D? The local store doesn't overclock CPU, so is i7 6700K with 4.0 GHz enough or would you recommend another CPU for me? I'm using a Samsung 27* with 1960x1080, so I don't use 4K! I would be very thankful for your help and other suggestions for my PC build. The price limit is about 1.700€ - 2.000€ only for the computer. I have already bought Monitor, P3D and addons two weeks ago. Thank you and greetings from Germany.
  11. Hello, I´ve start a topic in the official P3D Forum and maybe here is someone who can help me? Take a look here: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=122360 I would be very thankful if someone knows the reasons for that ###### issues. Greetings from Germany
  12. Tried to setup PTA ... downloaded, installed on "D", run as administrator, set configs, click on "Apply -> Apply preset". After that I started the P3D ... and it looks like everytime. I dont know whats wrong with my P3D... nothing works. :( I really need your help I think. Maybe P3D V3 isnt made for everyone... :( Do you think it can help eleminate my problems when I buy P3D V2? Or do you think I´ll have the same problems like now?
  13. Hello, what do you think is the better way: Installing P3D with all my addons I like to use and after that configure and setup everything or is it better to single install P3D without any addons, configure and setup the P3D that its smooth and than installing the addons? Sorry for my posts but I feel very helpless at the moment. Greetings
  14. So I first have to insatll REX4 and after that I install ASN, then updating it to AS16 and after that I install ASCA?
  15. Thank you very much. But am I right when I say that I can use REX4 Texture Direct HD + Soft Clouds -> I´m installing REX4 TD + SC, starting it, then install the sun/water/runway/... textures and after that I will install AS16 + ASCA and I will have the REX4 Textures for Ground stuff and sun/water and ASCA + AS16 for the cloud textures? Or will it give errors / failures by using this combo? Greetings
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