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  1. The problem stil exists with cinematic mode switching to gimbal instead of outside view. I did a clean install with deleting camera.cfg. Am I the only one here?
  2. Cinematic mode also has a problem picking the right view. I let p3d built a new camera.cfg as suggested here however whenever I activate cinematic mode, cp choses the gimbal view under aicraft view instead of picking outside view.
  3. Does chaseplane only remove the double slashes or does it replace the cfg with a backup? Because I fear that when I add a livery to my aircraft.cfg file and I uninstall chaseplane my changes will be gone due to cp trying to restore the file to its original state before the install of the appliccation.
  4. Hi In v 0.1.68 there was a notification once I loaded up the pmdg 777 saying that I need to restart my sim because Chaseplane did some changes to resolve problematic cameras. What does chaseplane exactly do? If the aircraft.cfg gets touched does chaseplane restore it to default once I uninstalled it?
  5. I experience the same issue however when shutting down chaseplane only sometimes does the keyboard recover. Most of the time I need to restart my PC. Is this maybe because of some keyboard software? I use a logitech gaming keyboard with the logitech gaming software running in the background. What kind of keyboard do you use?
  6. same problem I guess. My keyboard is still being powered and multimedia buttons like mute will still work but everything else is dead. Can't even use it within windows. Onyl restart of the computer helps. Using v0.1.34
  7. Was my fault, I uploaded the clips on youtube with wrong privacy settings. sorry for that. Now to the bug, I have since found out that chaseplane not only triggers hotkeys but can also triggers various other keys on my keyboard. For instance I tried switching on the FPS counter in P3D and chaseplane triggered that in the same manner as in the videos. As I said, this will only stop if I reboot the computer. Closing chaseplane does not solve it.
  8. For everyone who wants to hide their red text info in P3D there is an option in the settings menu under General called hide top right corner text. For Fsx you can just add the line "HideInfoText=1" under [Main] in your fsx.cfg. Unfortunately in FSX it gets rid of every red text including Parking brakes etc. And of course both solutions are not ideal when you need to setup new cameras and you want to know the zoom setting.
  9. I would like to apologize to everyone whom I have caused trouble. My intention has never been to spread malware or anything similiar. I was just too impatient to upload my proof videos to youtube and instead I googled and found that service to upload videos to without having to create an account. Nevertheless I still want to report the bugs I have found in order to get Chaseplane as quick as possible bug free. Right now I am still fighting with the bug that chaseplane keeps triggering hotkeys. In the first video that is attached it shows chaseplane triggering the back arrow key on my keyboard. It also does this in the Windows UI as you can see by the automatic scrolling down of the taskmanager. Second video shows chaseplane hitting numpad 1 key which is assigned to my default cockpit view. Both Videos are now uploaded to youtube Video 1: Video 2:
  10. Hello From time to time Chaseplane keeps moving the view. It won't stop until I have restarted the computer. Somehow it always starts whenever I move the camera by pressing the arrow keys on the keyboard. I do not use a gamepad. I think Chaseplane even triggers these commands in Windows as you can see in this Video that I took: Another Problem that is not related to this Issue is, sometimes when I want to setup a new camera via the Middle Mousewheel selecter, it doesn't allow me to change the name of the new camera. The text isn't highlighted as usuall and when I try to click on it nothing happens. I am only able to click cancel/back and create a new camera via the chaseplane UI. Both problems still happen in version 0.1.17 Alpha.
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