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  1. Hallo zusammen, habe den Airbus A320/321 Professional von Aerosoft installiert. Gerne würde ich mir jetzt bereits von Usern erstellte Presets installieren. Wie funktioniert das bitte ? Danke für die Hilfe im voraus. LG Claus
  2. Hello, how can I change presets ? e.g., move pilot presets to the top of the list and FMC presets below ? Thanks. Clau
  3. Hi Andrew, everything works now. Thank you so much for your help. Best regards Claus
  4. Sorry, Andrew, but I don't understand how to activate the Linda Verbose Loggin What exactly do I have to click under "Setup LINDA" ? Does the activation refer to the Linda Acvanced settings ?
  5. Hello, Andrew, i use the flight simulator P3Dv4.5 under Win 10. in the meantime i have come closer to the solution of the problem. When I start the Flusi the following note appears on the panel display: Select your Aircraft and Fly now. But I cannot move any buttons and levers after the start. 2. when I start the VRiSim Device it tells me: Rund Flight Simulator, Fly now. Then I start the simulator and press the button "Fly Now" of the VRiSim Device. Then everything works, i.e. I can control and move all buttons and levers via the panel. Does this help you to solve the problem ? Best regards Claus Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  6. Hi Andrew, I have send you a fsuipc5 log file per Mail. Claus
  7. Hi Andrew, changed the Com Port to Com 3; the panel is still not working. Claus
  8. Hello, Andrew, I have executed the VRiSim exe. The following message appears: Device(s) NOT found. Check your VRi unit connection. My FSUIPC 5 is registered. FDTP is installed. Under Properties of USB Serial Port (COM3) you will find the following: Driver supplier: FDTI, driver date: 2017-08-16, driver version: I have sent the FSUIPC5 log. by mail to you. Thanks for your help. Kind regards Claus Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  9. Hello, Andrew, Thank you for your mail. I followed your instructions exactly. Setup MCP Combo opened. Enabled check mark set, Type MCP (Boeing) selected, Comport 4 and 20 seconds set; then Save. The button Make changes for you is disabled. SimVers. P3D-64 is green, FSUIPC Ver. 5.153 is green, fsuipc4.ini: Locking good, VRinsight, found, ok in green, x=COM4: found, ok. in green. Then close Linda and start simulator with standard aircraft. Panel Display does not blink. What can I do ? Best regards Claus Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  10. Hello, i want to use the MCP-II/Boeing Type v1.100 from VRinsight in conjunction with Linda. Unfortunately I can't establish a connection with the flight simulator (currently started the PMDG 777-300) and Linda. My system: Win 10 und P3Dv4.5. Who can help me please ? Thanks in advance. Best regards Claus
  11. Hi, Andrew, solving this problem wasn't easy for me. Thanks to your patience and support everything works now. Many, many thanks again to you and your excellent service. LG Claus
  12. Hi, Andrew, I'm sorry if I might bother you with my problem. Unfortunately it still doesn't work. I downloaded FSUIPC5 5.15 and installed it. Then I downloaded Linda 3.0.9. and installed it in the P3Dv4 modules. After starting the simulator with SimStarter the Linda settings look like this: 3 times green and everything ok in the configuration checklist. In the orange field above PMDG 777-300 appears. To the right of it are Module, Author, Version and Date: n/a. If I now press the button SyncToSim appears again down left in red writing: LINDA not sync-ed to Flt Sim. If I press the Sync button again, the hint disappears. LG Claus Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  13. Hi, Andrew, because it still doesn't work I did the following; uninstalled in P3dv4 in the module folder FSUIPC5 and Linda. The folder is completely empty. After that the folder is completely uninstalled in FSX too. Then FSUIPC4 is installed and Linda. After starting FSX I click on Sync...At the bottom left "Linda not sync-ed Flt-Sim" appears in red. In P3Dv4 I didn't install it into the Module folder yet. May I send you a new mail with a compacted folder of FSX modules ? Maybe you find an error. LG Claus Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  14. Hello, Andrew, Thanks for the message. I bought and installed a new FSUIPC license for P3Dv4. FSUIPC4 is installed in FSX. You are probably right that both versions may be responsible for the problem. But how can I find out ? LG Claus
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