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  1. CH pedals and yoke is probably your best value. You can pick up a used set on ebay for $120. I recommend not spending too much on your first simulator. You can make sure you like aviation enough before you upgrade to a more expensive sim. The Elite Pro Panel with USB connection is a pretty good simulator.
  2. It is pretty hard to believe that Max Conrad was in his 60's and 70's when he was doing those flights for Piper. Struck in the head by a propeller after failing to save a female student, he was unable to fly or speak for almost a full year. It is amazing that he was able to get back into aviation. Apparently, he did not forget too much about aviation. He had short-term memory loss though, so he had to come up with creative ways to remember his last conversations with controllers.
  3. That is definitely how you know it is a good hobby when it makes you forget about everything else.
  4. The first forced water landing in commercial aviation did not end up so well.
  5. Hmmm, I'm not so sure what the FAA would think about a pilot who just had an incident rushing off to a business meeting. Maybe times were different back then.
  6. Nice shots, it is not the most flattering looking plane, but I definitely want to fly it one day.
  7. It seems like they still turned out pretty good despite the weather.
  8. At least you did not use your debit card. I can not understand how some people have no credit card and just use a debit card. The risk is so much greater.
  9. Not sure if you have a motorcycle license, but if you do then definitely rent one and go tour the Alps!
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