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  1. I agree. As it is not easy to do, if the demand is there then the organization which accomplishes it would be rewarded, right?
  2. Just Something to think about - have you done any market research on potential customers regarding database updates? My personal view is that I'd rather use XP11 or P3D built-in GPS units with current data via Navigraph and fs Aerodata than higher-functioning units with old data. Its the only thing that's prevented me from looking at RealityXP or F1. Food for thought is all - certainly not everyone has the same criteria for the value-add of certain sim add-ons and I'm sure most of your customers are quite satisfied. I'll be on the lookout for if & when those updates may be available :)
  3. fizzer

    Pilot Heat

    But they don't work quite right... another bug. I had them both on flying through some clouds at around -5C OAT and I would intermittently lose the IAS reading.
  4. fizzer

    V/S on this aircraft?

    When you engage the autopilot, it should enter a roll hold and pitch hold mode. Then use the scroll wheel on the middle of the black knob to control pitch up.down. Each scroll click is roughly 1/4 of a degree in pitch change from what I've seen. There is an IAS hold mode as well, once you have your pitch set and autopilot engaged, you can click IAS and it is supposed to maintain that IAS for the climb, but its a little wonky - I'm going to submit a bug. You can then use the middle of the black knob to control the set IAS speed which indirectly controls your v/s.