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  1. Rambo27

    Effect of Anti-virus programs?

    Thanks for the links! By the way, here's a useful article on this topic http://myspybot.com/query-router-virus/ "Web browsers are flexible tools allowing for extensive customization to fully meet users’ preferences. It’s remarkably simple to define a site that will be automatically resolved when a browser is opened. Things like the new tab page and default search engine are easy to configure as well. But what if this convenient state of things just stops working all of the sudden? The only plausible reason for such a mishap is malicious activity going on inside a computer. There is a category of offending code that impacts this particular facet of PC usage. It’s generally referred to as adware, which itself can be broken down into subgroups such as hijackers and ad-serving threats. Query Router, also known as QueryRouter, is an unwanted applet that embodies this type of nefarious activity. When infected with the Query Router virus, people lose control of their custom browsing settings. The cyber parasite bypasses user authorization when changing the homepage, new tab page and search provider to search.queryrouter.com value. These modifications take place without admin’s permission because the corresponding browser plugin or extension obtains elevated privileges automatically – that’s the way it is programmed. Another trait of this adware is that it is indiscriminate in terms of the browser type, so those using Chrome, for instance, aren’t any more secure than Internet Explorer aficionados. In the long run, when working with preferred web browser, infected users will be constantly bumping into a rogue search page."
  2. Rambo27

    Done with Windows 10 (unfortunately)

  3. Hi, the problem is in Windows defender. I also encountered this. Here is another thread on this topic By the way, thanks for the links!
  4. Rambo27

    Effect of Anti-virus programs?

    Hi. Just remember that Microsoft and Eset will not protect you from Ransomware, since Ransomware is not a virus. A backup is a preventive measure. That's what I installed http://soft2secure.com/knowledgebase/aesir-file-virus
  5. Hello! I was faced with a similar problem, Avast saw all the files .exe as malware. After that, Avast missed Locky ransomware on my laptop. The solution I found here:http://myspybot.com/######-files-virus/ Now everything works well