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  1. Maybe now you can see what the problem is. The localiser is not centered in the middle. When the localiser becomes active it will stay for a few seconds on the center but it will not be stable. After that, it will go back to the left like you can see on the picture. The second picture is closer to the runway. Like you can see, it will not move closer to the center. The wind is only 3 knots.
  2. Okay thank you, i will try thay. Soon i send an image of the problem!
  3. This is an fotograph. I know it's a littlebit to brite. How can i make an image in Fs9? V-button?
  4. Here you can see it with the ND screen. I selected the ILS frequency twice on com 1 and 2. Maybe i make a mistake to enter the right data in the FMC? This is on EGSS London airport, runway 22. The same problem i also have on EIDW, Dublin airport.
  5. Hi, I fly with the 737-800 on FS9 (old version) and the problem is when i try to make an ILS-approach, the plane stays on the right hand side of the runway and the localiser-dot stays on the left hand side instead in the middle when the autopilot is still not disengaged. What can i do to resolf this problem and really land the airplane? Here you can see an impression of the problem:
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. I think it's not the ai traffic because when i taxiing on the departure airport, there is also ai traffic and then it not gets an error.
  8. Okay thanks John. I will try that!
  9. Hi, Last night i tried to land at Dublin airport (addon-scenery) and right before the landing it got a black screen, an fe.dll error.Could the problem be the addon scenery or the addon ai traffic (WoAi) or maybe something else? I also use the PMDG 737-800 software, landclass software Ultimate terrain Europe and REX soft clouds. Can somebody help me?
  10. Thank you for the information Ron!
  11. Okay thank you Ray! And indeed, my email hasn't changed!
  12. Hi, A few times i ask for a key but still i get the same used or invalid key via the automated mail. I installed RC a view times with a valid key they sent me, but this time i want to install the program, the key is invalid or used. What can i do to resolve this problem? Best Regards Marcel