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  1. Dawn over Germany, from Qantas QF7879.
  2. Hello! I'd like to know why the Tinmouse II doesn't have night textures? Tail and fuselage lights are made by effects. Is there any way to include or create the night textures?
  3. Where can I get the Reshade? Is it free?
  4. Hi Bluebear and thanks for your contact. Is not a problem to use it as it is today but, I'd like to use some good effects (to spray and reverse) on it. To configurate them I need use [Lights] seccion. Because each navigation lights, logo and fuselage lights are using effects, there is no "space" to insert some lights like A2A Shockwave and effects to simulate spray and reverse. Actually, I need some night textures, along with the hardcoded lights. Regards. Cláudio
  5. I see. If you made this for FSX, can you make for FS2004? Cláudio
  6. Hello. Is it possible have hardcoded external lights for Tinmouse? A friend of mine said that it is possible, but he doesn't have the sources files or even the authors contacts. Is it possible get the sources from the authors? Does someone have the authors contacts?
  7. ZBAA (Beijing), from A_A Sceneries is coming. For FS2004 also.
  8. Thank you, Bob! Thank you, Opterix! In fact, when it have a good set of textures, the FS2004 continues impressing. Thank you, Anders! Thank you, Pugilist2! Thank you, Pedro! Thank you, Harald! My FS will turns 16 years old on next september.
  9. Hello, 2019! May be, a great year for all of us!
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