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  1. That makes a lot of sense; I forgot Lorby gauges were meant for all aircraft. I guess this applies more to the G.W. gauge set for C-152. Yeah, just picked up last night that CIRCUIT BREAKER PULLED shuts down ADF and Transponder. I really would have liked to activate all the breakers we see on the lower dash on copilot's side. Robert
  2. A little something I've picked up today that could be added at the top of the display elements for the Cessna 152: The gauges will react like in-game and shut down if the battery is OFF, if the COM or ADF volume is OFF, or Transponder mode is OFF. ADF: <Visible>(A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY, Bool) 1 == (A:ADF VOLUME:1, percent over 100) 0 > and</Visible> COM1/NAV1: <Visible>(A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY, Bool) 1 == (A:COM VOLUME:1, percent) 0 > and</Visible> COM2/NAV2: <Visible>(A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY, Bool) 1 == (A:COM VOLUME:2, percent) 0 > and</Visible> DME: (added to top Element) <Visible>(A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY, Bool) 1 ==</Visible> (substituted on next 3 Elements) <Visible>(A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY, Bool) 1 == (A:Selected DME, number) 1 == and (A:NAV1 DME, nmiles) 0.1 > and</Visible> <Visible>(A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY, Bool) 1 == (A:Selected DME, number) 2 == and (A:NAV2 DME, nmiles) 0.1 > and</Visible> <Visible>(A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY, Bool) 1 == (A:Selected DME, number) 1 == and (A:NAV1 DME, nmiles) 0.1 < and (A:Selected DME, number) 2 == (A:NAV2 DME, nmiles) 0.1 < and or</Visible> (untested with actual DME operating) Transponder: <Visible>(A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY, Bool) 1 == (A:TRANSPONDER STATE:1, Number) 0 > and</Visible> I know the transponder display does not shut down in-game, but it should (unless the numbers are inscribed on a rotating circular plate - but I don't see any motion in the animation - and I've never touched a real transponder in a Cessna 152) I'd share mine, but I've gutted out all the buttons, switches, potentiometers and encoders since I'm using external hardware. Even if you don't update the Lorby gauges, and G.W. doesn't see this thread, at least it'll be there for the next guy. Robert
  3. WOOHOOO! I totally ignored that event cause it seemed targetting sound (mute). It didn't seem to imply it would light them (to me anyways). Thank you very much! Robert EDIT: Now I understand that it meant "a muted test of the markers".
  4. I'm building a console for the Cessna 152; every button, knob, slider, even throttle, mixture and flaps. At first I was going to include all gauges and numerical displays, but that quickly became very expensive. So now I'm modifying gauges to suit my liking (essentially reducing download of variables via USB to a bare minimum, and concentrating on uploading commands). At the very worse, I'll have my own 3 marker lights on my console along with a test switch; that way I can override my markers at will. Now, the last problem is figuring out what variable or logic controls that ammeter warning lamp (not an AAO problem, hence why I didn't post here): https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/ammeter-warning-light/612265 I've seen on some forums that some have given up and just turn it ON when the needle reaches goes below the 50% mark. Robert
  5. Yeah, I'm still learning what's what. 😉
  6. That's what I had done, even saved my script to retry later once I learned what was wrong. So that means the SDK is wrong when they say the 3 markers are settable... 😞
  7. Both CLICKs give me a red light in the RPN editor when I include CLICK endmarks. 1st one gives red light without CLICK endmarks. But this one gives green light: 1·(>A:INNER·MARKER,·bool) I click on TEST and nothing happens.
  8. Cause I had tried and failed miserably to get that to work in the beginning. 😄 (haven't tried with these though) This is what I'm trying to accomplish. Robert
  9. I know, that's why I said I will control this from an external physical toggle switch (I interface with MSFS via USB). I use that modified DME gauge as a test bed. I use the click areas for NAV1 and NAV2 to set INNER MARKER on. Those events only concern the sound (it's the MKR button above the radio stack), I just want to turn on the lights. In a real Cessna 152, that dead toggle switch in MSFS is used to test the markers. I believe they light, but the beeping sound also comes on. But I'm afraid you might be right that MSFS immediately overrides my input and says they are OFF.
  10. I couldn't find an event in the SDK associated with setting the markers ON/OFF. I've never used "MSFS developer mode", no clue what that is. I've been updating this modified gauge for my testing cause it's about all I know when it comes to gauges (just started). Everything I read in forums says I should be able to change a variable using CLICK in gauge XML, but the vast majority use an EVENT as an example. (...reading your reply now...) Robert
  11. Sorry, cause I was desperate and trying anything at this point. I had taken that screen earlier today during one of those tests. This is current code that doesn't turn on the marker: <Mouse> <Area> <Area> <Position X="95" Y="70"/> <Size X="25" Y="50"/> <Click>(A:INNER MARKER, bool) ! (&gt;A:INNER MARKER, bool)</Click> </Area> <Area> <Position X="120" Y="70"/> <Size X="25" Y="50"/> <Click>1 (>A:INNER MARKER, bool)</Click> </Area> <Area> <Position X="95" Y="70"/> <Size X="50" Y="50"/> <Wheel DownEvent="DME1_TOGGLE" UpEvent="DME2_TOGGLE" Repeat="Yes" /> </Area> </Area> </Mouse> Robert
  12. ... and failing miserably for the default Cessna 152. I've scoured the web and found 2 different techniques. I couldn't get either to work. I know I have syntax errors, just clueless at this point. I'm using a modified LORBY_DME gauge to try to turn on the Inner Marker light. I use the DME1 and DME2 click areas as test areas, and keep the mousescroll area active to make sure MSFS isn't freezing on me. AAO says the variable name is A:INNER MARKER, it also states that the markers are available. SDK says all 3 markers are settable: (bottom of LorbyDME_MOD.xml) <Mouse> <Area> <Area> <Position X="95" Y="70"/> <Size X="25" Y="50"/> <Click>(L:INNER MARKER, bool) ! (&gt;L:INNER MARKER, bool)</Click> </Area> <Area> <Position X="120" Y="70"/> <Size X="25" Y="50"/> <Click>1 (>L:INNER MARKER, bool)</Click> </Area> <Area> <Position X="95" Y="70"/> <Size X="50" Y="50"/> <Wheel DownEvent="DME1_TOGGLE" UpEvent="DME2_TOGGLE" Repeat="Yes" /> </Area> </Area> </Mouse> The end-goal is to have that inactive switch to the left of the 3 marker lights come back to life; google links says it's a Marker Test (I just want to turn all 3 lights ON, no audio beeping test). I won't be using that actual switch, all my controls will be done by external hardware switches, interfaced with a PIC microcontroller via USB and and managed by VS2022 C++. Robert (retired mainframe programmer, dabbles in PIC BASIC, VS2022 C++ and now XML apparently) Updated Steam MSFS, and most recent AAO download.
  13. Thanks for the push in the right direction Lorby, and thanks to developpers like G.W. (G.W. demo gauges), and Huha001 (X-Touch Mini Gauge), I now have the 3 missing gauges for the Cessna 152. Last time I touched something remotely like this was when HTML first came out. 😄
  14. Thanks, I've gone through that manual backwards and forwards. This is for the next guy that just can't figure out how to add a new gauge into the layouts. The PLUS sign will add "some" gauge, in my case it was the fuel gauge. On that new gauge, CLICK on the tiny DOWN ARROW at the far right; that will give you access to all the available gauges. That vacuum gauge for the Cessna 152 comes from this: https://fr.flightsim.to/file/38162/x-touch-mini-gauge-for-use-with-aao-axis-and-ohs
  15. I found DesktopWebFips_MSFS.xml in C:\Users\Papa\AppData\Local\LORBY_SI\LorbyAxisAndOhsMSFS. I replaced LorbyClock.xml for GWClock.xml and resized from 190x190 to 240x240, but it didn't make a difference. It gets overwritten when I reload the Demo Layout. I can see my 2 custom layouts at the bottom of that file, but it must get initialized from somewhere else. The only thing I can think of is that GUID variable at the top of the layouts in that file, but no clue where to go from here. EDIT: some details... Yes, I run AAO as Admin. And yup, I've tried restarting AAO completely, not just reconnecting, no difference.
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