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  1. Limbatus

    Recommend Hardware for (3) 4k Monitors 2017

    upgrading to 1080 or 2xSLI is high on my agenda. Just gotta pay uncle sam first...
  2. Hello, I am interested in building a computer for flight simulators. I'm using p3d and aerofly 2. I'm having issues with my current build: i7 6700k Skylake Gigabyte Gaming 7 Board EVGA 980ti Classified Graphics Card (3) Asus PB 287q 4k Monitors I am getting slow framerates, and also strange lighting errors in Aerofly. I'm thinking I should upgrade to a 1080, or a couple. Would (2) of these rigged SLI provide enough horsepower, or should I get 3? Also would I benefit from a processor with more cores? Maybe Xeon?
  3. Limbatus

    Payware Airports For P3D

    I see these scenery packs. which are the most current / high res? I am running (3) 4k Monitors. It would be great to have imagery from 2016-2017 MegaSceneryX Southern California NA Southern California SIM720 FS DreamTeam LA Las Vegas any other good developers?
  4. Limbatus

    Payware Airports For P3D

    I am interested in finding scenery around and between KLAX and KSBA. What company makes the best scenery and airports for southern california? I have been using aerofly 2 which has a great world, but the flying is not as realistic.
  5. Limbatus

    Answer to P3D bad scenery.

    im pretty sure LMT has access to satellites.... why don't they just use their own imaging.
  6. Limbatus

    Cessna 172 / 182 Cockpit Image Model Files is this the image that creates the cockpit interior? Can it be replaced with a high resolution image?
  7. I imported the Microsoft FS Cessna 172 and 182, but the cockpit files are very low resolution. Has anybody got an updated high resolution version?
  8. Limbatus

    Hello! New to AVSIM - Nice to Meet You

    right now the city streets around goleta ca resemble something more like washington dc
  9. Limbatus

    Hello! New to AVSIM - Nice to Meet You

    Thanks Jim, Prepar3D is the Simulator I am using. I would like to find an open source cesna 150 or 172 model for training. Any Idea where I can find other plane models. I do not have FSX. I am interested in improving the detail of scenery and cities in California to make training more realistic. Can you recommend some plugins? Thanks - Limbatus
  10. Hello Limbatus here from California. I am interested in learning how to fly. I would like to use computer simulators to train. How do you recommend I start? Thanks!