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  1. Not sure....Thanks for the answer....will check. Recently I installed FSDT KORD (not crazy about their performance anyway, specially updating add-on manager which gives me hard time when unable to create folder?!) and had some stuttering with it, but once loaded all went smooth. Made 6 HRS flight with no issues. Last flight was good as well, till final turn and approach, why I had that, not sure, however I did research and some reporting sometimes they experienced as long as 15 min and all went back to normal.....Will see how it works.
  2. Last nite happen to me first time, sometimes I had few seconds here and there, but last nite I start hanging for over 10 min and never recover on 8000ft final to KSRQ....was tired to investigate, did a brief search but I found issue for 8 min pause....? but I am on FSX SE. Not sure what's up with that... Would update be free and would old parameters (set up) be there after or I would have to re-do it all.....Thanks
  3. Thanks...I didn't mean display I meant functionality....I actually never touch that...no need to play since I am the only driver, lol, but indeed, few times I tried stepping thru plan from right MCD and didn't work on my surprise so I was wondering..... sometimes, flying you are paying attention to all displays but you miss obvious...LOL
  4. Providing that you have a clean update and easy update, last time I ran into some issues....Decent product but it could be pain updating it. Also I found not "compatible" with FSX gating system....For FSX would be HEAVY on FSDT would say to small....Go figure....But overall not bad...
  5. If FSX SE that is irrelevant.... only boxed....I I do believe that during installation might be something corrupted however, FSIPANEL might cause that as well....But it says clearly that you should run SimConnect and all should be ran....
  6. There could be lot's of things....That happened suddenly? Did you install something recently, any new add ons? There is nicely written guide under Hot Spots here on AVSIM, on right side of this Forum which you should keep handy....That might help. With dll.xml there is special chapter where you can select what to run and what could cause the issue.
  7. Not sure, but that's how it works....as far as I know there is switch that you can change to FMC L or FMC R...(under MCP) your choice. I always keep on FMC L. However not sure how is in real machine but I belive that PMDG made it accurately....
  8. While I don't have OOM's I have to say that QOTS3 "eats" more memory....specially when you start from FT APT or when you fly over ONTARIO (YYZ IFR) and Ibelieve that this was confirmed after some tests performed..... But it seems to hold up to 3.1 GB used after 11:00 hr flight I performed couple of days ago and landing in UUEE with heavy scenery and heavy WX 100Ft AGL! I thought at one moment flying over YYZ IFR, when VAS spiked to 3.3GB that there is no way I would make it till the end, but it dropped and remained steady. I Use everything possible (almost), ORBX, REX, FT APTS, ASN, HDX APTS, GSX....NVIDIA is 376.53?! which I have not updated since December....with I6700, 1070 MSI, 32 GB. SSD's and LOD to 4.500.....gives me good performance and decent FPS. Only thing that I can confirm is that VAS jumps with outside view and to be honest I can't recall that happening 6 months ago or more....whether that start happening after some updates, WIN, NVIDIA, STEAM or what.....I don't know..... My take on this issue.....If any of you would like me to share more setting please let me know, I will be glad to help you.....(but I am not expert by any stretch of imagination) I am just a driver with some technical knowledge picked up from good fellows on different FlightSim forums....
  9. FYI, I installed, fast and no issues whatsoever....made 11:00 hr (VATSIM) flight.....
  10. I remember getting crazy few times and wondering..."why this doesn't work now and I know it worked before....?"....until I realized I am using right FMC....small thing that we sometimes don't pay attention....You get sidetracked with something, looking at the million switches and lights....Once I was unable to gain altitude for 10 min..... until I realized that I accidentally hit Gear down?! and did not notice....LOL.
  11. Could be not sure....You were showing start from C&D and set-up..... Thanks Kyle
  12. To be honest, I think I read all manuals, but I have to admit that I was concentrated on something else I was searching that I missed that thinking I knew that...but thank you for answer....
  13. I have to say I didn't know that....but I knew they are available on yoke (left handle), but why you not suppose to move that? Any difference in set up? Would be good to know...I think I watched your video on YT setting the trim..... Q3 supposed to be set up on yoke as well I assume, but I think I tried and nothing happen......I did not set buttons for that thru FSUIPC...that might be the option...
  14. I guess I am not asking right question, I know where is the dial....but, on NGX you move the trim wheel to set the trim, on 777 you move trim levers to set the trim, but what do you move on Q3 to set the trim..... Thanks..
  15. Thanks....I understood that Hydraulics are required....but how actually you are adjusting the trim? NGX has a way, 777 does as well, but how you do it on Q3? Must be coincidence that every of 9 flights I made so far trim was dead on...how, don't know.
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