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  1. That's AF-1...which is based at Edwards AFB. It's a little far from home ;) Great shots though.
  2. Does it talk SimDIS (or just DIS)? Can I use my own worldwide database (we have a very expensive, very detailed one)?
  3. Most companies would set up additional mirror sites to compensate for traffic. Also, host the downloads on servers or in server farms that can handle the traffic if they cant support more mirrors. Google or AWS can allow you to have a small footprint and can spin up additional VMs as load increases and would spin them down accordingly. This would save cost, assuming your pricing structure is set up correctly.
  4. What port is XE trying to use? Is it excepted in Windows Firewall? What protocol is it using? Did you reset your internet router this weekend (probably not, but just checking)? I am at work and can't look at this on my machine. I just got Creators Update over the weekend but didn't have the time to turn on X-plane yet. I can test tonight, but I am running Win10 Home on the simulator.
  5. Everyone using Home or Pro? Or a mix? Those with Home it works, those with Pro it doesn't? Vice Versa?
  6. You mean, you all don't want a persistent world flight sim. Where you log in to a server somewhere, have integrated voice-chat, built in flight planning and a working ATC AI/Player, all flying in the same airspace?
  7. Yeah, I am awaiting the Global since its the most likely. Though there is a freeware G4 that got released not too long ago. It flies, but don't expect much depth. Pretty though.
  8. May be a dumb question, but they have different IP addresses right? Both set to DHCP on the router? Next thing to look at are the folder permissions/sharing attributes on PC1.
  9. LOL this reminds me of when I was visiting my brother-in-law and he had just got the Vive. My In-laws and my wife were all taking turns playing with it, and there was this one VR that put you on a narrow bridge over a chasm. Even without feet rendered in the environment, they couldn't force themselves to take the step off. I was sitting there laughing at them saying "you know its not real right?" They just said "ha, ha, you don't realize what its like yet". Wo when my turn came, I went to the same bridge, and promptly took the few steps off the side of the bridge. Now falling wasn't programmed so you just kinda floated there, but the many many years of playing video games has given me the ability to disassociate what I see/hear and what is really going on. I got dirty looks when I asked what they thought was so difficult (im a sarcastic a**hole).
  10. X-plane can export GPS data to Fltplan Go (free) onto a tablet or into a browser tab (or Foreflight if you have a subscription). Fltplan GO can give you a moving map and allows you to scroll around and get the info you need. I haven't used Fltplan GO so I am not certain on ALL of the data it will give you access to.
  11. 100% yes, do this. you could arguably download them ahead of time, but yes...absolutely uninstall your GPU drivers before shutting the system down to remove and replace with new card.
  12. Then as Jimm has stated, you'll just need to wait a bit longer. Not ideal at all I understand. Alternatives will make you even less happy.
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