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  1. Flying on XP11 now, doesnt really matter if you guys release mroe planes for P3D/FSX really, cant go back anymore lol
  2. Well, this is the file header of the image,, let's just not get too optimistic about 64bits...http://imgur.com/gallery/7fu2v
  3. Lately I've been trying the X-Plane 11 public beta, and I have to say, It is superior in a lot of ways compares to P3D/FSX(Again, im not saying one platform is better than other one, its all personal preference, P3D has lot more 3rd party plug-ins, XP11 has better techonolgy etc.). And as someone who spent lots of bucks on P3D on plug-ins, after trying XP11 for few weeks, I really want to switch over to XP11 all together. But one huge factor is that there isn't that many 3rd party adds on. Now, we could argue that wait for P3D V4, but imho, P3D V4 might be 64bits..yes, but I highly doubt anything revolutionary will happen, from business stand point, LM is a military company after all lol, there "real" customers probably wont bother with fancy graphics or PBR rendering etc. It's more likely to be a move towards 64bits than a "brand new" product. I don't think there will be a brand new graphic engine or any fancy new tech. And I also noticed that X-plane has one of the fastest growing community, the X-plane forum is very active. I do believe that the XP11 has a very bright future, it's a big step up from XP10, but it's only lacking 3rd party plug ins, Flight Factor 757/767 and JARDesign A330/A320 are okay, but don't think they are on pair with PMDG quality wise. I just wish that 3rd party devs like PMDG, FSL, AeroSoft, can make/migrate more products to XP platform, so that it will become more competent, and we all know competition is always a good thing, otherwise the LM will just stick with their current P3D platform with very little improvments, cuz they dominate most of the flight sim market. The flight sim market has been moving extremely slow compare to other genre of games, it doesn't have a large community first of all(which is a big factor for sure), but I think we can learn a thing or two from driving sim community(Im really into driving sims), It was a very small community few years ago as well (with games like GTR2 and R-Factor that has ###### graphics but decent physics, like current day P3D ), but with some excellent/revolutionary products like Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Dirt Rally and Forza Horizon 3 poping up. Now if you look at the driving sim community, its really booming, even the hardware companies benefited from it, Logitech stated few years ago it will stop making any Driving sim related products, but now they are forced to come back(Logitech G29 racing wheel), because it is a booming industry, and it was dominating by Thrustmaster(T300RS etc). With games like Forza Horizon 7, GT Sports, GTR3, Project Cars 2, Dirt 4 and lot more to come in the future. Okay I am a bit out of topic maybe. But I just want to make my point saying, It is also 3rd party plug-in dev's responsibilities to push the Flight Sim industry forward more faster, If we just refuse to move on and stick with FSX or P3D (assume nothing big happens with P3D V4), Im confident to say that X-Plane is the future of Flight Sim. It's not hard to notice on the XP forum, there are lots of new captains getting into flight sim, I wish 3rd party products devs like PMDG can lead the industry to make that baby step towards a competitive and healthy flight sim community. What do you guys think ? Do you guys think that it's time for something big on the Flight Sim world ? Or P3D/FSX works just fine for you ? It would be interesting to hear you guys opinions.
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