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  1. Thaks Born2Fly Yes X-ATC Chatter dows work with P3Dv5 Now this is the problem - all references and tutorials do not cover the version 2.6.3_x64_R2 where you now have multiple regions and not only USA and Canada. Regards Bill Gradwell
  2. Hello Support I combined all the regions into one file following a method I saw on the forum. So all clips are in one place - identified by the first two characters (EU or OC or AF etc) - with this setup you do not have option to select a region which makes sense I am using Pilot2ATC and not the standalone X-ATC Chatter I get the chatter when the sim is fired up but flying in the OC region I get chatter from the likes of EU region Is there some setting that will tell X-ATC Chatter where I am flying that I may have missed in the setup? Best Regards Bill Gradwell
  3. Hello Dave FAOR and FALE and FALA add on airports in South Africa - I get a ‘sorry no Gates available’ when asking for Gate after landing. Also no taxi route when asking for Taxi clearance to runway Running P3Dv5.2 with P2A running on a second PC using Wideview Thanks Bill Gradwell P
  4. Hello About to take on Pilot2ATC and want to check if the current versin is compatable with P3v5.2 Thanks Bill Gradwell
  5. Hello Forum Yes indeed - this version on the 787 is way short on feature and accuracy to previous versions - I own a few. Some items do not work as well - like calling for flaps after the start up. Just disappointed so hoping for some updates shortly Regards Bill Gradwell
  6. Hello Byrok Yes worked perfect - do not know how you figured that one out - but it works Regards Bill Gradwell
  7. Hello Byork yes that black block top left corner is exactly what I get when the secondary screen is undocked. Looking forward to solution Best Regards Bill Gradwell
  8. Hello Support I have not been able to create a url to show problem so will try and explain here When selecting SEC the display screen is perfect but as soon as I undock it a piece of the top left corner display disappears Regards Bill Gradwell
  9. Hello Manuel Thanks for tip. Did not work - still takes a long time to update. Remember as said my PC is no slow coach. When it hits the ORBX Vector files it stays there for some time. Regards Bill Gradwell
  10. Hello Manuel BGLFileSizeLimit=5 LogScenRdrDetails=0 ReadDeActScenAreas=1 How many GB? you have of vector data? I do not know - it is the standard ORBX Vector files for both V4.5 and v5 Cheers, Bill Gradwell
  11. Hello Support Virtually everytime UGCX requires to update the scenery folder when you start P3Dv4.5 or P3Dv5 Takes a long time to update. My PC and internet connection is on top end Seems to take extra long when getting to the Orbx Vector files Regards Bill Gradwell
  12. Sorry would not make sense somehow spell check got involved. What I am saying is virtually every time I start P3Dv5 or P3Dv4.5 then UCGX needs to first create a scenery index and in v4.5 it takes a long time to create the index. Gets stuck for a long time at the ORBX Vector piece of the update Thanks Bill Gradwell
  13. Hello Support Takes an exceptional long time to update being more of Independence when firing up the sim P3Dv4.5 especially at the Orbx Vector section Regards Bill Gradwell
  14. Hello Support The View selector in FScrew calls the wrong the wrong camera view - like you ask for Centre Console and you Lower Overhead - as example Please advise if there is a fix for 1.5 - saw somewhere that there were issues Thanks Bill Gradwell
  15. Hello Support Some improvements on Ver 1.7 but still needs some work - especially on pushback. - the boom leaves the wheel. Wish I could insert a .png image to show Regards Bill Gradwell
  16. Hello Manuel I believe 1.7 was to early - not well tested and made user friendly - in my humble opinion. Best Regards Bill Gradwell
  17. Hello Manuel No I do not have Ezdok or Chaseplane on my system. Okay will try and record video o my phone - not sure how I will post it as your system only accepts url Regards Bill
  18. Hello Manuel No I do not get any good result here - set up user defined route for push back. Then in the sim when I elect user defined route I go bac to the edit mode. Also once on the camera view I cannot select any other standard pop-ups until i delete the observer view. Then wheen in the push back alternate views - no way the alternate pop-ups in the sim work until i kill the view in the view observer Just does not work for me this new release Regards Bi Gradwell
  19. Hello Support Once a particular view is selected the normal alternate scroll in P3D v4 option does not work you can also not unselect the view (un-tick it) or kill switch it Regards Bill Gradwell
  20. Downloaded ver 1.3 and extracted files - install details confirms version 1.3. Yet when running FScrew 737NXGu and checking about details it indicates Version 1.2? Please advise Thanks Bill Gradwell
  21. Hello Forum Anyone can assist with some good setup ino to get Linda to work on P3D with my FSLabs Airbus aircraft A lot for FSX but not P3Dv4.3 Thanks Bill Gradwell
  22. Hello Anders I am just Joe Public past and present customer of PMDG, that will now vote with his wallet - as someone earlier commented. Sorry if I broke the rules here - I was not aware of the 'publicly known secret' Best Regards Bill Gradwell
  23. Hello All I too have FSX SE PMDG 737 and upgrading to P3D v4 and thought maybe some compensation as a customer through some rebate - in ORBX no issue to move to P3D from FSX - no charge for moving Just my two cents worth Regards Bill Gradwell
  24. Hello I did a recovery after a major system crash - re-installed PMDG 737 NGX and when I load the 737 I get an warning message saying "Initialization of license library failed" How do I fix this? Thanks Bill Gradwell South Africa
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