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  1. Hi. Just some thoughts. A lot of people usually watch other simmers fly these days via twitch or youtube. Would'nt it be even better if some of those people watching become a part of the simmers world, for example, someone could handle the pushback truck and get the airplane where the captain wants it. Someone could handle the fuel truck, and others the cargo and baggages. I know how it might sound. Why make addons for controlling such things when the simulator is for "flying"? But I feel that if this would be implemented it would help the "simulation" part become more immersive and real. The communication between the captain and ground crew would make it just like in the real world. Just like PilotEdge makes it possible with "real" ATC. What are your thoughts?
  2. We're getting there! I get 50-60fps stable with ALL sliders to MAX, except HDR+SSAO and anti-aliasing to NONE but in NVIDIA settings with anti-aliasing on x16, 3840x2160 with a GTX 1070. Outside cockpit 90+fps, inside 55-60fps stable.
  3. I actually have the image that you referring to. That one which Andrey said took 45min to render(load).
  4. Saw this, not exactly clear what year/date this was discussed but apparently the guys from TrueSky was interested in integrating TrueSky in XP- 11. Unfortunately(or maybe good) DTG came first. https://www.tapatalk.com/topic/21580-x-plane-flight-simulator/110854-trusky-is-happy-to-support-a-volumetric-clouds-project-for-xp11
  5. We can discuss statistics and graphs all we want. But one thing is for sure. Everyone looking at X-plane 11 wishes they could have a PMDG airliner add-on with it and I can guarantee that when (or if) this happens that statistics will change...
  6. Now that we see what DTG has pushed into their flight simulator engine (TrueSky), I'm just wondering if the X-plane engine has that option. For example, this from UNIGINE, which looks promising and realistic. Could this be possible to get into X-plane? Cheers Sebastian
  7. Hi Does anyone have knowledge about a developing ARN(ESSA) airport scenery? I know about the SWEDFLIGHT Pro, but I think its a bit out of date, in regards of the graphics etc. Second question. Does someone know if converting the ESSA scenery "*RBX" works good, and if so, does it need a lot of fixes? / Sebastian
  8. Could this genius which made this pushback make a complete groundhandling package please ;). It would be in good hands.
  9. I am one of the beta tester. I can tell you, it sounds amazing! Immersive is one word among more.
  10. Aha, then we hope it gets fixed soon then. Thats a good part with LR, is the constant updating.
  11. This is a pilot who compares the two sims. I think he talks about ground physics and how X-plane is more like in real life then the other sim. Judge by yourself.
  12. I think this RSR qoute only is a issue mainly for the 747. As you can hear him talk regarding x-plane it sounds like it's plausible that we will see at least 737nxg for xp.
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