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  1. Ahhh... my bad! I did not realize that there was yet another earth_nav.dat for ILSs. Just to verify, I edited the coordinates and heading in that file (made a backup) with the data from Navigraph and I can see the change in WED, and in the sim. The localizer is now placed at the correct location and is aligned to the runway centerline. This will fix my issue for the time being. I have already filed a bug at the scenery gateway to fix the ILS couple of days ago - but I hope it will get fixed with XPNAV1150. Thank you so much! 🙂
  2. Thanks for clarifying. I also saw the post about XPNAV1150. I am running 11.50b4, but that version still has XP1100 format. I am guessing closer to the release they will transition to the XP1150 format, as will Navigraph. However, there are two things that I still do not get: As I mentioned in the post - for VECC 01R ILS, the actual ILS in the sim is not at the same location as specified in the default earth_nav.dat file. It seems to me that X-Plane has an embedded navaid database that you use in the sim. The default navdata is just doing what Navigraph does - provide fixes, airways, etc. I am creating a custom scenery of VECC with WED, but WED does not support editing/adding navaid data. It only shows the navaids that are present in the sim. Anyway, thanks for the help! I guess I'll have to wait till the release of XPNAV1150 to see the corrected localizers.
  3. Hi, Can anyone please explain to me how X-Plane's navaids work with the navaid data? I am confused about the relation between the X-Plane's data, external data (Navigraph), X-Plane's art objects and the actual location of the navaid inside the sim. I am specifically concerned about ILSs and VORs. While editing some airports using WED, I found some ILS localizers that are not placed at the correct location (completely shifted from the runway centerline). I know that shifted localizers exist, but that is not the case here. I validated the coordinates of the localizer antenna from official publications and satellite imagery. Mind you, this is not a small shift - the localizer source is 50m (165ft) left of the correct location, which causes a plane to land on the runway shoulder rather than the centerline. I did some digging and found the default data that x-plane uses (resources/default data/earth_nav.dat) and checked the coordinates of the localizer. Weirdly, the coordinates don't match the one being shown in WED. They are (almost) aligned to the centerline, but the data is old (AIRAC 1708). In the data, the ILS is shown to be CAT-I, whereas, in reality it is a CAT-IIIB. I updated to the latest AIRAC from Navigraph (in Custom Data/ and Custom Data/GNS430), thinking that it would fix the misplaced localizer. I verified the updated data, and it has the correct localizer coordinates! Also, the ILS there is mentioned correctly as CAT-III! I loaded the sim and tried to do an ILS approach. To my surprise, the plane landed at the same spot as before - on the runway shoulder. I checked the following: The correct (and current) AIRAC data is being recognized by the aircraft FMC/GPS - this means it is picking up the Navigraph data. X-Plane's map still shows the ILS as CAT-I - this means the map is reading X-Plane's default data and ignoring the Navigraph data. The actual art object for the localizer antenna in the scenery is at the incorrect location. This location is where the source of the localizer in the sim seems to be. This is the location that WED says the localizer is at. This is the localizer that the aircraft is locking on to, regardless of updated navdata. This image explains what I am talking about: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar2bPVs2rkEyqdYuYdeF7Y9AjmdP8w?e=mbSbAq So, does this mean that the localizers/VORs are 'baked in' in the sim and cannot be updated? What is the benefit of getting updated navdata? Only the latest FIXes/Airways/Procedures (since these are the only things that are 'virtual' and do not have a physical presence inside the sim)? I would really appreciate if someone can shed some light on to this navaid behavior. Cheers, Asmit
  4. I have actually seen this in the CES news, looks promising at the price point. Couldn't find any more details, though. Thanks anyway
  5. Hi, Is there any way to configure the roll axis of any of the saitek or ch product yokes for a 1:1 motion? I know that these yokes have a 45 deg motion on either side which translates to a 90 deg motion on either side in the sim. For example, at the leftmost point in the hardware (at 45deg), I want the sim to also translate to a 45 deg left. I realize that I will not have the full range of motion, but is it possible to do this? Basically I want the yoke to behave like the Cessna pro flight yoke with 1:1 motion (which is no longer in production I think) but of course with the inevitable physical restriction to 45deg on either side. I fly both X-plane 11 and FSX:SE. I will prefer a software solution to a hardware solution, but I'm open to both. Thanks, Asmit
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