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  1. Aerosoft CRJ-700. I submit a flightplan and have my FMS VNAV set to FL300, but built-in ATC clears me to FL230 and then that's it. Am I goofing somewhere or is this typical?
  2. I'm trying to learn the CRJ and doing pretty well with it, but am having some issues with general FMS stuff. Take this trip: KSFO to KSAN. All realistic flight plans want me to come into San Diego using the COMIX2 star and an RNAV/Localizer approach to runway 27. Notice at waypoint VP378 that you now end up with two paths. How do I edit this in the FMS to get rid of the extraneous green path past VP378?
  3. Thanks! That's a nice two-for-one. I hated the fringe issue and fixed it earlier, but forgot how. Shadows look great now.
  4. Just upgraded to an EVGA 3080 Ultra (hurray, more vram to put towards terrain distance) and wondered if I now have the option of fixing something that has long since plagued me immersion factor. When the sun casts shadows in the cockpit they're often very jagged (which I assume is just the jaggies of the reflected item now blown up to show the jaggies). Is there a graphic setting to reduce/eliminate this and is it worth it?
  5. When I'm flying I often open multiple windows and if any part of FS2020 is popped-out as a window and my mouse is over that window, all inputs are frozen and this causes some moments of panic and then in some cases virtual fatalities as when I finally remember what's going on my controls are so changed that when the mouse does move back into the cockpit everything gets applied at once and the plane goes berzerk. Is there a setting to fix this?
  6. BTW, one thing I do want to point out to people is that I do believe Navigraph is the big player here financially given their resources. I do anticipate that their Charts product will continue to add features likely at a rate and depth that other products may not be able to match. The question is if that's worth waiting for in the interim. This thread did get me to re-double my efforts in explorering more of NC and I do find I can eliminate AirNav from my process as a result. I still would like to see NC support elevation profiles (which I don't see here) and an option to select real-life flightplans as those are the ones most likely to be insisted upon for those on VATSIM. I took a look at LittleNavMap last night and my initial feel was that it's a great little product, but I just didn't feel comfortable with its look and feel. I also really like that both SimBrief and NC can be fully browser-based and both load incredibly fast. EFB2 takes a bit to get going. That's where my testing of options stands at the moment. Hopefully Navigraph will incorporate all of SimBrief's features into Charts at some point. It seems a bit silly to pay for a product only to still feel the need to use a free product that's from the same company. Time will tell.
  7. Interesting. I don't fly in real life either, but I do enjoy the simulating of trying to get just a hint of what real commercial pilots experience. I'm not a big fan of GA/VFR flying. I get a real kick out of talking with real airline pilots and telling them about what's possible in the world of flight simulation these days. They're blown away to learn about VATSIM and are shocked when they learn that we know not only about SID/STARs, but also can recite their details. They can't believe we know how an FMS works, that we know startup procedures for jets, that we know about cabin pressures, etc. That tells me we're on the right path to getting that hint of their experience.
  8. This is waste of time. You keep saying my point and ignoring that you keep saying it. Furthermore if you had nothing constructive to say, the best course was to say nothing. What good did it do to insult me? My original question was, "Can I get all of what I need in just one of (SimBrief and Navigraph Charts)?" The clear answer here seems to be "no". Other solutions, like EFB2, were offered as a possible option and that was greatly appreciated. I'm now finding out about a tool I hadn't tried before.
  9. A more intuitive interface for one. I love what Navigraph provides and have paid them for years as a result. However, as anyone can clearly see, even many who also pay have stated, they still use other supporting products -- most notably SimBrief. On UI I was able to load EFB2, having never seen it before, and constructed a full flightplan in very short order including all dep/arr procedures -- something after a long time using NC still gives me trouble at times. It's nothing to do with "needing SimBrief", it's the feeling that you need to use something in addition to NC. I'm sure some people must use JUST NC, but that seems to be a rarity even just here in this thread. There's a reason for that, and it's likely very much to do with why Navigraph felt it important to buy them. In their messages about the purchase both sides talked about merging their feature sets -- something that wouldn't be needed if either product provided all the features of the other. I want to re-emphasize that I am in NO WAY trying to suggest NC is bad product. It isn't. Quite the contrary and, again, why I've paid them for years. The goal of this thread was to find out if there was a way to simplify the process by using just one app. So far the only solution I've seen put forth towards that is EFB2, which I'm now looking at. Maybe it'll work for me and maybe it won't but that's why you ask the question.
  10. I will be trying this, but the charts are pretty key for me to get exact details of a procedure. If LNM doesn't have that then it's a case of still using multiple apps for what i hoped might be done in just one.
  11. Thanks for so specifically making the very point of the entire foundation of the post. I found Navigraph Charts to not provide enough features to be able to use it on its own without SimBrief, and clearly so did you. So did Navigraph as they bought SimBrief. NC has many great features, but still wasn't feature-rich enough to cover all the bases. Not sure how that's hard for you to understand. Starting a reply by saying there's no need to reply serves zero purpose other than to antagonize, and you know it.
  12. Then why didn't you? Gotta love trolls. Nearly everyone here said they use it in conjunction with another tool (mainly SimBrief) so apparently you're not going to be communicating with much of anyone anytime soon.
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