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  1. All of this looks great, but the BIG elephant in the room is how FS2024 will change the ballgame. Perhaps, for example, FS2024 will allow for something like Beyond ATC and/or FSLTL to control the traffic, which would be a game-changer. If Beyond can get the procedures nailed down entirely, this will be an evolutionary step and a totally welcome one. I've been on VATSIM forever, but like many here, it has proven that it can (as designed) never provide the experience we all hope for it. The reality is much more likely to be a lot of time flying on UNICOM, which is hardly enjoyable or the desired hope. Many people can get around that by only flying during events (which are often a chaotic mess) or during specific times at specific places. ALL of us have had the issue of setting up a flight from say, KLAX to KSEA where there's coverage at both only to have KLAX go offline just as we're about to connect to them and then, upon getting airborne, watching in disappointment as KSEA goes offline as well. Nothing is more disappointing that than. SOMEDAY, my hope is that there can be a hybrid system (and I have hope there will be). Imagine flying on a network and there's just 100% coverage that is realistic and works and then, along the way, there's human ATC that shows up now and again. The human controller, instead of passing you to UNICOM, sees that you have an AI system and just passes you off the right next frequency. You sign off and then pick up at the next frequency with the AI until you land or catch another human controller online later in your flight. THAT would be incredible, and this feels like a possible first step.
  2. Yeah, the plane is the Aerosoft plane and I got it from the market. Silly me thinking I wanted to support the effort of everything being in one place and, of course, getting screwed in the process. However, that said, it seems I still would do better finding an outside app. And, it also seems (now that I turned on your suggestion) that I really need this additional app as the CRJ doesn't have a checklist at all that the sim sees. It has its own in its EFB and it's in no way interactive.
  3. Peter, Are you saying I am able to remove or add items to the in-game checklists? For example, the checklists rarely refer to things that are critical for me, like calling for the jetway, when to call ATC on VATSIM, and many more. In the CRJ these are in the EFB. I am not aware of any means to edit these lists to my liking, but what you mention is certainly work my looking into. The co-pilot thing is nice, but I find those things annoyingly robotic and repetitive. I'm still waiting for someone to treat these processes the way they should be, with varied voices (so that the feel isn't that you always fly with the same person) and a matrix of dozens if not hundreds of phrases that, when combined give the feedback a much more natural cadence and feel. The challenges you mention I understand. It's a pity the current design state is such that these things are buried in complexity.
  4. While waiting for MS to re-enter the game I moved over to X-Plane for a few years and while there I found this wonderful little app called xChecklist (https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/20785-xchecklist-linwinmac/) that you could build out your own checklist for any plane you wanted and it knew about all the systems. If a checklist item was already set it was already marked as checked and you just moved to the next item. You could set it up as one long list or break it into multiple phases of flight. Whatever you wanted. Each item would need to be checked before you could move to another phase. I would never miss a step with this. On FS2020 I have a nice sheet I use, and it's perfectly tailored to just the right amount of depth for me and the CRJ. However, it's just a Google sheet so there's zero validation, etc. Is there anything like this for FS2020? I've seen a few checklist products, but they all seem a) locked in that there's no personalizing so it's a case of doing every single step the app wants, period, b) overly done like requiring speech recognition which would be a major hassle when it fails on something like VATSIM, c) robotic, d) not automated so while they can step you through things they really have no sense of the current state of the systems in question.
  5. It appears that the power shell window that loads can't handle @echo off. Fixed.
  6. I love Toolbar Pushback, but I'm not getting double and triple commands from it from time to time. I'm sure it's something I'm doing in my CRJ, but no idea what it might be. Does anyone know what causes this annoying symptom?
  7. I'm currently loading my setup via a match file and everything works but FSLTL's injector app. If i run it manually from a command line it pops up without issue, but it won't do the same if called from a batch file with this command: 😧 cd "D:\Flight Simulator\Community\fsltl-traffic-injector" start fsltl-trafficinjector.exe All I get is an empty powershell window that never populates and that I have to close forceably via task manager. Any ideas?
  8. Well the FSUIPC route failed for me as being too messy. TrackIR5 insists on running as administrator and I could not get everyone else also running as admin while getting it to also work. I despise permissions issues. So next up is the batch file approach as I should be able to start everything and then taskkill the stuff run. Plus I might even be able to travel my brain back in time to recall how to even do some advanced batch file UI to launch things based on picking a setup.
  9. Interesting. FSUIPC.INI appears just once in the User Guide and it isn't about this section at all. AHA. It's in the manual for Advanced Users. Giving this a try first.
  10. Old DOS guy so no issues there. My only minor issue with this approach is that it couldn't close the apps after flying.
  11. My first instinctual response to the app was, "Wow, this is a bit much for what I'm looking to do", but after reading up on it, it is quite flexible.
  12. That's pretty simple. Need to look into that. The only negative I can think of is would it shut down the apps on exit and you'd also lose the concept of "presets" for different setups (like not loading the injector when I'm heading onto VATSIM.
  13. What about it? It autoload with the sim for me as it's a plugin.
  14. Okay, back into the hobby after my seemingly endless life distractions and this time around I'm quickly loading up an apps that need to be launched before the sim. Is there a nice tool that can manage these and take care of launching them and then the sim and then unload them when done? What about something like the FSLTL injector that seems to need to be run by clicking on it from within the Fly By Wire installer (there must be a direct way to do it, but I haven't seen it yet.
  15. Good to know. Guessing it has something goofy to do with word not allowed gates.
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