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  1. Agrajag

    Roads over runways?

    Two items: 1. There appears to be more to this than just what's been discussed. For example, there's a PHANTOM railroad that runs across a runway in, Miami, if memory serves. Upon further investigation with alpilotx, he noted it was OSM data put there for historical purposes. Thus, it's a train route that shouldn't be showing at all as it hasn't been there in ages. He believed, at this time (and maybe this has changed) that he wasn't excluding specific types of data (as this was, I believe, marked as historical. 2. Could someone provide a short tutorial on how to exclude these in WED? I tried and, I guess maybe it's now age, but it just didn't make any sense to me. I had a great one just yesterday. If you try to fly out of JFK, you can't leave the terminal. 100% of the terminal is surrounded by an elevated road, with supporters, that traps you. It runs all along the taxiway. That was fun. I've also had scares of oncoming traffic while rolling down runways. Pretty bizarre when you're not expecting it.