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  1. Good evening! I have recently switched to a 45" 4k Sony Tv, but my frames are horrible. I get around 12-20 at EKCH at daytime in a NGXu, and at night around 4-8. My question is, are my specs simply not up to date? or is the low fps related to the TV? In both cases, what would you suggest upgrading, because at this state its almost impossible to have a stable experience. I should also state that all my sliders are low-mid, and i use 2xmsaa. And my resolution is 3840x2160x32 which is native to the TV. Specs: GTX 1050TI Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 16GB DDR3 Usual Addons: Orbx Global Envtex Envshade Active sky PMDG 737 NGXu Thank you in advance
  2. The applications is a great tool! unfortunately my sim keep crashing. The errorlog says its the ntdll.dll that causes the crash. anybody else get this error? or know how to fix it?
  3. Hello! I most scenarios i don´t get very high frames, and i was wondering if that had anything to do with my CPU and GPU´s low usage. As you see in the picture below, both is only using about half its power, is this normal? I hope one of you can throw me in the right direction. https://prnt.sc/imazwh thank you
  4. So No possible way, under 300? Even if Its only a little bit fps gain?
  5. Im Not sure, ill check when i get home
  6. Once again Thanks for the Quick respons guys! if possible, around 200-300 dollars? Im currently a College student, so the budget is tight..
  7. Thanks guys, would it make any sense to only go with a new CPU? or should i do the hole package
  8. Thanks guys Richiefly, do you know any specific, reasonably budget CPU,RAM and mb?
  9. Hello! I have been thinking about upgrading my computer for a long time. The problem is im only getting around 15 fps at EHAM(p3d V4.1) and it cant handle any dynamic lighting at anytime. Any of you guys, who can throw me in the right direction of what i should buy as an upgrade to my system? Addons. Envshade, orbx global, pmdg 777, Flytampa EHAM, Active sky v4 and GEX. Sliders mid-full Current system. Windows 10 64bit Intel(r) Core(tm) i5-3470 CPU @3.20GHz 8gb RAM 4gb geforce gtx 1050 ti Thankyou!
  10. Thankyou when i said by the books, i meant the manual by blackbox. both the a330 and 40
  11. Thank you for your answer The problem is, im flying on a/t following the decent path, but all of the sudden the speed drops down and the aircraft stalls. i dont see where the problem comes from, because i did everyting by the books/manual.
  12. Hello I have this problem. Everytime im approaching my final destinations, im ending in a complete stall. I should say that this happens whenever im using any of blackbox widebody aircrafts (latest update). This happens at about 1500-4000ft, typically after i established the ils. I dont know if there is a problem with the A/t or the approach phase. i hope you can help me, Thank you!
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