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  1. I don't use any products from Orbx...
  2. oh well... at least I know that it‘s not only a problem for me, thanks!
  3. Hi guys After flying long-haul for a few months now I‘ve noticed the following: Everytime I fly over the north-eastern part of Canada P3D crashes, this with still plenty of free VAS. When I fly from Hong Kong to Toronto for example, crossing the north-western part of Canada everything is fine. Also when I fly from Europe to Houston or Denver for example, crossing over the more southern part of Canada (Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, ...) I also get no problems. However when I fly from Europe to California, having to cross the Hudson Bay area I get a crash of P3D EVERY SINGLE TIME. I get very low frames and within 5 or 10 minutes .exe stops working. I don‘t use any scenery except for airports, so all the other scenery is default. Does anyone experience the same problem or can give me some tips? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys I presently use p3d v3.4 and would prefer to wait on upgrading to v4 a bit longer. I have the PMDG 777 and would also like to get the 747. Are both products for version 3 and 4 different products, so would I have to pay the full price again when buying them for v4? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys, thought I'd open a topic here before going to fsdreamteam regarding something I've noticed with GSX... whenever I save a scenario to load it up again (in order to save VAS) GSX doesn't appear in my addons and shows up as "in trial mode and not activated)... I tried to run the live update by fsdt but that doesn't work. That's a bit frustrating when doing a 10 hour flight and not having ground handling on arrival... Anyone noticed this problem too or may even be able to help me? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks guys! Already tried out a few suggestions (autogen, scenery config, scenario saving) and its a lot better now, I need 3 or 4 restarts for a 10 hour flight, but it really helps.
  7. So I just save the scenario and then load it up again?
  8. Hi everyone! My sim keeps crashing after 7-9 hours, I guess because I run out of memory? After weeks of flying the PMDG 777 I wasn't able to do a single flight over 6 hours... I spent hours researching about OOM and VAS and I changed my settings, monitor VAS in flights and try to prevent it. But without success. What is REALLY affective in trying to prevent it from happening? I don't use anything apart from default scenery as far as textures go, only the airports I fly between are addons, and only these two are activated when I fly... Thanks for any help :) Wahoom
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies I saw it on the prepar3d forum that it's a common problem... I did hide the updates but probably too late because it still doesn't work for me. I guess I'll just wait until a fix by MS is released. I'll still try your suggestions in the meantime and hope for the best :) Kerim
  10. Hi everyone I'm back with a problem I had before... When I try to load a scenario at 99% loading state P3D stops working. A Windows update caused that for me before and I had to deinstall that update every time again so P3D works. But now with the newest Windows Update that doesn't help anymore... Loading a default scenario and then switching to my aircraft doesn't work either :( I hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance!
  11. I have that problem too. I use P3D V3.4 and before the Windows Update KB...788 which came out something like a month ago everything was fine, then I couldn't load any aircraft anymore. I went to my Updates timeline in Windows Settings and deinstalled that Update every time again. Like that it worked again for me. Now however 3 or 4 days ago a new update came out and deinstalling that doesn't help anymore. What I found out now though is that I can load the default scenario and select a new scenario in the sim, that way it works again (for other aircraft to load). But about 30 minutes or 1 hour into a flight the sim crashes all the time now... Hopefully somebody can give a solution here because this is really annoying :(
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