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  1. Good evening, After spending hours ... I changed a few FS2Crew settings and suddenly everything is working flawlessly. Why, I am unable to say which is the setting which restored the operation! So currently everything is OK Thank you for your participation cordially
  2. Hello, When FS2Crew is on, when switching from TRL, the BARO cannot be set to STANDART, it immediately reverts to manual setting. Conversely, on the ground, I have no problem switching the BARO from STANDART to the QNH at the airport. Without FS2Crew when switching from TRL I can, by pressing STD, switch to the STANDART setting What did I forget to do? Thanks for your help Regards
  3. Hello, I can no longer load FS2Crew for FSLabs A321. I currently have version 1.8 which can no longer load. My Order is 87829 date 2019/07/15 Please tell me what to do because in the forum I am offered a selection of ORDER COMPLETE that I cannot find. See you soon, I hope Best regards A Bordelais Jean TOURON
  4. Hello, I d'nt find AIR ANTILLES pour l'AR42 de Carenado... Please send me link. best regards Jean from Bordeaux
  5. Hello I can not reduce the re-use distance to less than 250 feet In door A12 on LFBD with the scene of Aquitaine Simulation 2016 Do we have a solution? thank you so much Jean de Bordeaux
  6. Hello I can not reduce the re-use distance to less than 250 feet In gate A12 on LFBD with the scene of Aquitaine Simulation 2016 Do we have a solution? thank you so much
  7. Good evening. I'm sorry to have bothered you for this ghost frequency problem I modified the file 747QOTSII_Options on the instruction AllowRadioDisable = 1 I changed the 1 by 0 And now everything is correct bye Jean de Bordeaux
  8. Hello, Since the new version of the 747-8 (and the last update) when I seize for example the frequency 122.800 it also installs well on IVAP but when I select it to be on the IVAO network it changes to 136.970, then I must call the frequency 122.8 to really work. It's the same when I click right on the panel of IVAO to select a frequency to take, it entered but when I left click to select it returns to 136.970 .... Grrrr Or do I make a mistake? Thank you all and congratulations to the PMDG team is extra great Best regards Jean de Bordeaux
  9. I think I have found a solution. I authorized the sharing of the ini file for reading / writing. At the moment everything is working properly Thank you for your help and maybe see you soon Best regards jean from Bordeaux (France)
  10. Thank you for that answer Sorry for my late reply. Yes I run CPAN in administrator mode. Best regards
  11. Hello, I just acquired the version for P3DV4 but I can not change with CPAL the units nor the starting status nor the control of the nose wheel The mjc84 file in the ini folder does not change. thanks for your advices Best regards
  12. Hello, I am in mode VOICE Why does the Main Button and Hard Mute setting have the same shortcut? Alternate Static source Likewise Secondary Button and Soft Mute? Propeller sync When I run FScrew my shortcut button does not start MAIN but Hard Mute Thank you for telling me where is my mistake. Best regards Jean
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