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  1. I'm also getting the message. "Reality XP: Valid License" "PERS/HOME license locked commercial use detected " System: Windows 10, XP-Plane 9.7 Home Edition
  2. Yes, I'm using PFCHidReports.dll version as well. The USBHidplugin version is just for your information. It's the driver for my PFC C2 console. I have reinstalled v2.3.7 a few times. I have also checked the hardware using PFC Test GUI to confirm the IDENT knob.
  3. rxpGNS.xpl.log version win.xpl dated March 9, 2016 (I was unable to get the version #) USBHidplugin version X-Plane 9.7
  4. I using the Digital Avionics Standard (without Remote instrument Console option) https://flypfc.com/shop/avionics/digital-avionics-standard/
  5. Still no luck with the NAV IDENT knob with PFC Hardware fixed
  6. Just realized that the IDENT doesn't seem to work when pushing the knob on my PFC avionics stack \GNS430....but the mouse interface does work.
  7. Seems to be a problem connecting to F1 E-Commerce (version 3.2) for RXP 2.3.6 update. I'm able to connect and reinstall (update) with Windows 10 ...but no luck with Windows 7 Enterprise.
  8. Totally agreed. I think Jean-Luc is doing an awesome job supporting his products. Maybe "unfair" might be the wrong choice of word.
  9. It will be awesome if RealityXP can provide tech support on their own website or platform. I don't think it is fair to purchase a piece of software and then getting support else where. RealityXP should have direct control over on how software related information and contents are begin managed. me wishful thinking again?
  10. Fingers crossed. Hopefully we can get this feather on the next update. I'm going to switch back to version 1 unless there's work-around to identify Navaid. It's kinda hard to do IFR proficiency flying without it.
  11. I'm running Terrain 2.04, Base Map 5.0, Worldwide 1405 on both my GNS480V1 and V2 at the moment. Let me know if you want the files.
  12. You can do it in version 1 ....but not V2 ?
  13. I think I found the solution or work-around Need to disable the mouse clickspots in the RealityXP.GNS.INI file. Use SHIFT key to move or resize the GNS ; enable mouse clickspots if true, disable if false (use SHIFT to override) usemouse = false
  14. The gns480 disappeared every time I click the mouse on the "screen". I have go into setting and re-enable the window again. Clicking on anywhere on the bezel is ok. GNS 530W/430W V2 V2.2.8 X-Plane 9.7 PFC AATD Airplanes
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