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  1. Thanks Nils, unfortunately I'm P3D. 😟 Baz
  2. Great pictures. Where did you get the photo scenery from? Baz
  3. Thanks for that Vic I will give it a try. Regards, Barry
  4. Fixed by a backup copy I had saved of Prepar3d.cfg. 😊 No idea what setting or settings were to blame. When I have time I will work through the good and the bad and try to find out the cause!! 😐
  5. Thanks for the prompt reply Simbol but my problem has changed somewhat so I have posted a new request. However your suggestion is something I will adopt once I have things running normally again. Regards, Barry
  6. Hi, can anyone suggest what might be going on with my GPU? I have a GTX1060 that until tonight has been functioning just fine. Now when I run P3Dv4 with even the most basic scenery and the R22 the GPU utilization jumps immediately to 100% and stays there. Yesterday was fine nothing new installed but today its jerky and unflyable. I have deleted the shaders directory and prepar3d.cfg and rebooted but no change. My current Nvidia driver is which I didn't want to get into messing with at this stage. Can anyone suggest what to try next?
  7. Great. Thank you for that, you have put my mind at rest. I love my X55.
  8. Is there anyone out there using a Saitek x55 Rhino successfully with Windows 10 ? I was about to upgrade my Windows 7 system to something better but I have heard that there could be compatibility issues with the X55 drivers and Win 10. I have been very happy using the x55 and the thought of having to replace it at not an insignificant cost, along with the cost of a high spec computer, is tending to put me off. Can anyone reassure me that it will continue to work with Win 10 ? Barry Wells
  9. A very fair response, I think, from the developer.
  10. Hi, I have a problem with some (but not all) external views when selecting an aircraft to fly from the library window. Only the VC is shown and odd bits and pieces. This affects default a/c as well as non default. I suspected Ezdok 2.5 which I have recently installed. I tried running the config tool again - no change. I then disabled Ezdok but it made no difference. This seems to me to rule Ezdok out. Anyone have any suggestions please. Baz
  11. Just incase someone else is as short sighted as I am, I will answer my own question. There is an export button at the bottom left of the controls settings window.
  12. Hi, is it possible to make a backup of my current Saitek X55 bindings in P3D, I intermittently lose them for no apparent reason. Its quite a pain to have to reprogram them all in again. Thank you for any help you can give me. Barry
  13. Hi Scott, I have logged 200+ hours flying many different types of gliders in the past and though I agree FSX/P3D does not come close to the real thing it is still a quite satisfying way of flying for me. I find the aerotow take off to be quite realistic (actually harder than the real thing imho). It is also a good way for practising landings, judging your position and height for approach. Thermaling is maybe lacking a little in realism, its seat of the pants stuff in real life. However always go for the real thing if you can.....if you can't, well give it a go. Cheers, Baz
  14. Thanks very much for your time and the help you have given me. I now have CumulusX installed and working great, complete with ridge lift and thermals. I can now try to re-live some of my Sutton Bank flights from many years ago.
  15. Thanks for the prompt reply. No I do not have AS and when I tried CumulusX it kept reloading scenery in a continuous loop.
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