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  1. KAI 31


    Export versions of the Tu-134 were always in the original language of the Soviet prototype. Even in the translation of the manuals that go with everything, only the original names are used. All this was accepted as a fact after long and joint tests with representatives of different countries. Taking into account all the features and consequences identified in this case. It’s easier to say everything is so specific that if you translate more than half of the inscriptions and names in the cockpit into any language in the world, you simply won’t understand them or it will lead to errors that are serious in Aviation! consequences affecting the lives of people for which the crew is primarily responsible. And yes, if we discard conventions and apparent difficulties of understanding, then everything becomes simple and clear by itself very, very quickly, and then many themselves wonder why they didn’t understand it or were afraid of it before. And this is another of the more than hundreds of positive features of this type of model. Thank you for your interest.
  2. KAI 31


    I understood you. I will take additional pictures with existing liveries. Liveries that are not included in the package or if you wish to have them can be realized upon request.
  3. KAI 31


    Over 75 public liveries have been created for the FSX model. For P3D x64 there is a link to cloud storage with the main package of liveries, which were collected at the request of users. If you purchase a model and you require a separate version, I will make it and attach it to the package or for you personally.
  4. KAI 31


    🧡Thank you for your feedback and kind words! Thank you for your interest and participation! I hope that I can continue to improve what has been done, preserve and pass on all the knowledge and history embedded in this model, improving everything for you and with you for the common peaceful and impressive Sky that we are all in love with.🧡🟦🟨
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