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  1. Thanks for your replies, it's really appreciated! Bob, I've just installed PMDG on a different PC and it seems to be working fine. First impressions are that it's incredibly realistic. One thing missing from the ifly 737 is 'Engine Out Acceleration Height' on Takeoff page 2. PMDG has got it which is very useful! Cheers Jon
  2. Thanks Bob, Yes, of course it's centre tank and not tanks! My mistake. It was burning fuel way too quickly, I fly a 737 in real life so know what the burn should be. I actually solved it by deleting all the key assignments connected with 'mixture'. Unfortunately though, I still can't get the PMDG to run anywhere near as well as my Ifly 737 so probably just going to stick with that. Regards Jon
  3. Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked before. I've just set up and installed the PMDG 737 NGX. All seems well apart from when I put the centre tanks on at which point the fuel burn becomes way too fast. Can anyone help please? Jon.
  4. Hi all, I'm thinking of purchasing the PMDG 737 for FSX. Is it possible to enter the Engine Out Acceleration Altitude in the FMC on take off page 2? Thanks, Jon.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I've purchased the ifly 737 now and it seems pretty good. A quick question though, how do you display the RMI needles on the EFIS? In the manual there's a picture but no instructions as to how to do it. Thanks, Jon.
  6. Thanks, looks like my computer meets the specs for the iFly 737. Has anyone else tried this one?
  7. Hi All, I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum. I've just purchased PERFECT FLIGHT - ULTIMATE 737NG. I would have gone for the PMDG 737 but not sure my computer would handle it. My question is what pitch attitude should the TOGA pitch the flight director to? Mine is only going to 8 degrees whereas I'm pretty sure in a real 737 it pitches to about 15 degrees? I've got a couple of airline assessments coming up and could really do with my sim behaving like the real thing. Any help/tips and tricks/advice would be greatly appreciated, Jon.
  8. Hi Michael, Thanks for the reply. Yes it is Microsoft FSX. looks like I'm going to have put a support ticket in. Cheers, Jon.
  9. Thanks ckyliu, I did check all that and no joy. I'll send a support ticket. jon.
  10. Hi All, Not sure if anyone can help or not but here goes! I run the excellent PMDG Jetstream 41 on my PC without any problems. However, I recently installed Flight Sim and the J41 onto my laptop (windows 10). Flight Sim works well and the Jetstream works and flies well apart from the fact that the EHSI and EADI screens aren't working? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Jon.
  11. Thanks for the help guys, it's very much appreciated. I'll look into it and let you know how I get on. Jon.
  12. Thanks for the reply Gerald, The real airport has 110.9 as the DME and the flight sim airport also has 110.9 as the DME. (Checked in maps and airport). As I said earlier it does work but for only in a band or 38-28 miles heading to the airport. Jon.
  13. Try flying from Inverness to Stornoway. You should pick up STW at approx 38 miles but then it'll drop out at approx 28 miles. And yes I agree, the VOR STN is working fine.
  14. Further to my last post. I've just had an email from my Dad who tried the same route on his PC using a different aircraft. He had exactly the same problem, The DME appeared at 38 miles and then stopped working at 28 miles. I think this points to the fact that it's probably a glitch in FSX itself. Jon.
  15. Hi Dan, I totally understand what you're saying but to fly an arrival, lets say for runway 18, and then a LOC/DME approach you need the STW to display range so as to initially get onto the 11 DME arc, which is based on the STW. The final approach fix is D6.1 from STW. What's happening is the DME starts to work at 37.5 miles, which I agree is quite far out from the field, but then stops working at 28 miles and doesn't start working again, even when really close to the field. I think it may be a glitch in either FSX or the Jetstream sim. This is a procedure I want to practice as it is the procedure my airline uses when flying into Stornoway. Jon.
  16. Hi Dan, It's definately the right Nav aid. Until range is displayed it shows STW. It begins to show DME range at 37.5 miles at FL100. At 28 miles, ie as I get closer, it drops out at approx 28 miles. Jon.
  17. Hi Jim, Thanks for the reply. 110.90 is needed for the LOC/DME approaches for both runways. Both approaches begin with a DME arc based on 110.90. When approaching Stornoway from the East 110.90 works up until 28 miles and then as I get closer it drops out. Therefore I'm not able to continue with the published approach. Does that help? Thanks, Jon.
  18. Hi, I'm flying the excellent Jetstream 41 sim. I've got a slight glitch though which I'm not sure is the Jetstream or an FSX issue. When I'm flying to Stornoway the DME, STW 110.90, drops out at 28 miles. Can anyone help? Cheers, Jon.
  19. Hi All, My name is Jon Budworth and I work as a pilot flying a Jetstream 41. I have always used FSX to practice new procedures and instrument work. I am currently flying the excellent Jetstream 41 sim from PMDG, it's very realistic! However, I've come across what appears to be a glitch and wondered if anyone could help. When flying to Stornoway from East to West the DME drops out when approx 15 miles from the airport. Has anyone had this problem and if so is there a fix? Yours in hope, Jon.
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