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  1. Stone_Eyes

    ORBX. A short day in Alaska

    Great shots. The T-28 is one of my favorite aircraft. Probably because I got a flight in a real one and I also just love the sound of it. Sometimes, when I'm to busy doing other things, I'll just fire up the computer and crank up the volume and listen to the T-28 idle.
  2. Stone_Eyes

    How tall are you?

    After an accident led to a below the knee amputation of my right leg, my girlfriend of more than 22 years says that I'm either 6'5" or 5'6" depending on which leg I'm standing on.
  3. Actually, I thought the Samsung would be perfect for a full size cockpit of something like a Cessna 152 and you certainly wouldn't have to use any AA. For the price though, you could probably buy a used C150.
  4. Hey Jim, if you want a really big monitor, Samsung announced a 12 foot TV.
  5. Stone_Eyes

    Horrible Experience with New 4K Monitor @30hz

    I don't care what you do, you're going to have heck of a time getting a 28 foot monitor to run smoothly.
  6. Stone_Eyes

    4.1 release notes

    At 21 seconds into the video, I noticed raindrops at the top of the side window of the high winged Maul. No big deal, but it does kind of defy the physics of the rainfall. This is not meant as a complaint, just something funny I noticed.
  7. Stone_Eyes

    Any Over The Hump Adventurers?

    Seems to me that using a DC-6 is kind of cheating. If you want to realistic and challenging, you need to use a C-46 or a C-47 or maybe even the cargo version of the B-24. That should be even more fun.
  8. Stone_Eyes

    I have to brag about rain fxs, sorry

    Really? Does that include times when it isn't raining?
  9. Stone_Eyes

    Losing faith

    Sounds like you are looking for the perfect world. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't exist in any aspect of life except the imaginary.
  10. Stone_Eyes

    Just got into the FSW.cfg file....

    Never mind. I found it. Finally thought Dovetail! Duh!
  11. Stone_Eyes

    Just got into the FSW.cfg file....

    This may be a stupid question, But where do I find FSW.cfg?
  12. Stone_Eyes

    No ones flying this plane happy holidays.

    Nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong
  13. Stone_Eyes

    Where Simmers hail from

    Oregon City Oregon. Originally Tulsa,Oklahoma.