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  1. I reinstalled my graphics completely and reset my nvidia settings to my ml liking. I had been experiencing issues with the drivers right when I installed them. After 14 hours of flying with a redo of the flight to sydney I am sure this fixed the issue. I also deleted my cfg file and reinstalled the qualityeings 787 just in case any software needed some refreshing! Hope this helped!
  2. I loaded into EGKK earlier and noticed I was getting somewhere around 8 FPS which is very strange for my system. After reducing my settings I noticed increase in FPS when increasing autogen settings. However, when loading into KSFO I noticed a dramatic increase in performance with my original autogen settings! I saw at least a 20 FPS boost. Which is strange because both of these airports are quite busy airports. I don't have scenery in EGKK but I have flightbeam KSFO HD. Could the default scenery be causing low fps? Thanks for any help on resolving this question! Specs: Ryzen 1950X 32 GB ram 250 GB SSD x2 1080 ti (I only use one in p3d, is it better to use SLI?) edit: I also noticed that the low fps essentially stops when I takeoff. I think it comes down to UT live or the scenery and I lean towards the scenery due to all the evidence, but I have no idea 😕
  3. ok, yes i am speaking mainly about the quality wings 787 where no matter what the fps drops. I think it has something to due with dynamic lighting but there is no way i am turning it off so ill just suck it up 🙂 Thanks for the help!
  4. I have resolved my issue but now i am having the issue where whenever i look outside the cockpit my game drops to like 20 fps only when I look outside. I look up to the overhead and everything is fine just until i move to look outside only inside the virtual cockpit. This happens with all aircraft except the aerosoft and this issue only came up when I updated driver and cleared my cache to fix the ctd specs: Ryzen 1950x 32 GB Vengence 250 GB ssd samsung evo x2 1080 ti (i only use one in p3d)
  5. I'm quite angry at the moment! This morning I experienced a CTD while I was away from the computer which happened 2 hours before arrival into Sydney from a 14 HOUR FLIGHT FROM SFO! (running p3d) this word not allowed me off because this seems to be out of my control! I have all the hardware I need and p3d running on a separate SSD drive due to the amount fo crashing on the original drive. This just seems completely out of my control though, unless someone can help me. Info: I was flying UAL 863, 787-900 (quality wings) to sydney from SFO. I couldn't find an error log or crash log but I found this information in the event viewer Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5b2c3263 Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.17134.165, time stamp: 0xf4df6dc2 Exception code: 0xc0000374 Fault offset: 0x00000000000f4d1b Faulting process id: 0x24ac Faulting application start time: 0x01d428730919ce7a Faulting application path: Z:\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll Report Id: 691a618a-d07d-440f-8713-68c9b6b3ee60 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: Can someone please help me out? I love flying but all this unstable software hurts my brain and is beginning to word not allowed me off. It's no ones fault it just makes me angry Thanks for any help
  6. Will there ever be an FsLabs fs2crew? To be quite frank the Aerosoft airbus is word not allowed compared to the FsLabs so I was wondering if we could get a FsLabs Fs2crew
  7. Sounds good! Thanks for the help all
  8. So my affinity mask would be 65534? I want to try out a few numbers. 12 cores, 10 cores, maybe all 16! Would the "number" be 1111111111110000 for 12 cores? Although the single core is lower speed it is still fantastic! I will use it for other things that are cpu intensive ;) Soon games will be utilizing all cores and need to so yeah
  9. actually the threadripper is 1000 about $200 cheaper than intels 10 core For me this seems like less single core speed but still a win The i9 does also have a few heating problems I have been hearing about so I wasn't so sure
  10. I have just received the new AMD Threadripper and getting the motherboard tonight and looking to put it in over the weekend, and am trying to see which games will utilize all cores Now I know p3d will use all cores but you need to set it up with Affinity Mask maybe? Not sure If so can someone tell what I should set the Affinity mask value to All the calculators I have found only go up to 8 cores so.... Any help is greatly appreciated :)
  11. Sorry :( I was just wondering cause I usually take the thing off autopilot when established on the glide slope Should I just select a different approach type?
  12. So how might one correct this Editing the bgl file? I cant seem to open it
  13. I tested another flight going to North Carolina with the 737 and its still not aligned with the runway
  14. when I look through my route the won't be aligned with the runway The purple line so to say is not aligned with the white dotted line
  15. Thanks! I have downloaded this and it hasn't worked :( I am now also having the issue in the 737 Trying to do a flight from Anchorage to Barrow in Alaska
  16. Using default, and the current airac cycle, 1708 I was going from KORD Chicago to KADW Andrews Air Force base in Maryland
  17. I just recently purchased the PMDG 747 and am super impressed and enjoy the product but, yesterday I tried a flight and when I stepped through my route I noticed the path wasn't alligned with the runway! The plane would be off and wouldn't go directly to the runway. is there a way to fix this? I had a similar issue in the Aerosoft Airbus in p3d v3 a few months back but now its showing up again :/
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