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  1. Also, as it turns out Colimata does have manual fuel management but you have to switch it on which is why my fiddling with the switches was doing nothing! I feel the fuel flow rate is slightly too high though...maybe the dials just update quicker in comparison to the Concorde-X though
  2. Wow! Can't wait for the new Concorde! I'll be the first in line when it comes out. Well, maybe after you 😉
  3. Luckily I already have P3D so it will be a quick switch over when something gets released 🙂 The Colimata team (maybe its one person I am not sure actually) is focused on other details about the aircraft right now I think. With the release of XP12 I am sure the focus is FPS performance and ironing out bugs. The V3 version released has significant improvements. For example Max Climb works now! I am not to sure if this was added earlier than V3 but I remember when learning the aircraft a few years ago we had to manage around climb to cruise using vert speed mode which was a bit sad. Honestly the only reason I keep on X-Plane is for Concorde and maybe the 767 (A340 too maybe) but on XP12 Colimata Concorde is my only add-on at the moment. I love it still but of course I still wait patiently for some competition and an add-on where I can finally apply this knowledge about these systems. I was disappointed to learn this information on this post and then load up Concorde to find many systems are not included and you yourself cannot even shift fuel around the aircraft--just turn on pumps and inlets and such. This post from the Colimata forum details what I just said about it being added later. Granted, it's from a few years ago but it still hasn't been added...at least not to the extent we discussed. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/254267-question-about-the-fuel-system/ Very useful information thank you! I am glad there are still plenty of people who understand the systems of Concorde. While there is information online topics like this one are rather scarce; at least from what I looked at. Will the Concorde that is releasing for P3D and MSFS have an in depth fuel management system like that of Concorde-X? I am assuming the answer is yes but I am curious how it differs. Thanks for the replies guys I am learning a lot!
  4. Yes this is another unfortunate detail of the Colimata, reaching FL600 is very unlikely. So far with my flights I have reached FL600 easily and the aircraft wants to climb even further. In my opinion, they've had plenty of time to address this but I know it's complex. The tutorials I've used shed this off casually but it is still upsetting that some of the more important aspects of the aircraft are not modeled correctly. And yes, fuel transfer is instant. I have yet to really test out the xp12 version but in the xp11 version many suggest you skip trimming for descent as the sudden shift in CG makes the autopilot lose control of the aircraft for a bit. Really not ideal so I hope they've fixed some of these aspects in the xp12 version. While I love the Colimata version I simply cannot wait for an extremely high detailed model of the aircraft to be released again. I would love to take a look at some of the inner workings of the code because this kind of modelling and detail is unrivaled especially for an aircraft like this.
  5. Thank for your response! It unfortunately does not translate at all into the Colimata as trimming of the fuel is done automatically and instantly by the VFE. There is an additional mod for the Colimata that allows for better fuel management but I have yet to try it. I am simply getting prepared for future Concorde releases and just wanting to learn more about the aircraft. Perhaps in the future I can put together my own fuel management system for the Colimata if the mod isn't adequate but for now I am just diving into the deep and complex systems of the plane 🙂 A few last things, if the transfer between 5 and 8 is not usual under normal circumstances and is much slower than transferring it through tank 11, why does the interconnect valve even exist at all? Just for emergency situations? Also, in the video it seems that he has the pumps for 6 and 7 on during this balance but the tanks in 5 and 8 are not emptied yet after the balance? Do you just keep all pumps on? edit: OH, I see now! It all seemed to click just now after watching that section of the video again. He has tank 6 on because tank 5 was almost empty before the balance! Disregard the second question then
  6. Hi, Hopefully this is the right forum to post this (hopefully at least someone knows the fuel system of Concorde) Last week, I began my journey into learning the extremely complex systems of Concorde. Up until now I have just been learning the basics but yesterday I began studying the intricate fuel management system and the engineering behind it. To strengthen my understanding, I read up on a few documents like the FSLabs Concorde X manual and watched a few videos such as the youtube video from UPS1000 titled "ConcordeX - Master the Fuel Panel". Some of you might already be familiar with the video (it has around 30k views) but I will link it below with the timestamp I am referring to for context. Now, in the FSLabs Concorde X manual (page 140) there is a helpful graphic "Tank Locations & Transfer Guide" where it simply states to transfer from 8 to 5 using the interconnect valve: My confusion comes in when UPS1000 is balancing the fuel during cruise at around 39:52 in the video: I understand the concept of moving fuel from the right side of the plane to the left to balance the aircraft but in the video he transfers fuel from tank 8 to tank 5 by moving it in the order: 8 to 3, 3 to 11, then 11 to 5 My question is why doesn't he simply use the interconnect valve to transfer from 8 to 5 instead of doing this seemingly complicated sequence? In the documentation of Concorde X is even states that the interconnect valve is to be used to transfer fuel from 8 to 5 (page 147). Additionally, why does he transfer from 8 to 5 instead of tank 8 to 6 and 7 to tank 5? In my mind we should transfer from 8 to 6 and 7 to 5 due to size of the tanks. How can I approach this differently? Does anyone have some insight on the Concorde fuel tank management system? Thanks for any help 🙂 edit: I should note I am not learning using FSLabs Concorde X, rather, the Colimata Concorde FXP for Xp11 and 12.Sadly, it doesn't come near the complexity of Concorde X (still a beautiful product and I love it) so I decided to watch this youtube video to help anyway. I was also recommended by UPS1000 himself in the comments of his video to make a post here
  7. Alas, I am in external view in these screenshots I am not sure if external view in x-camera is not actually external? How can the views be fixed?
  8. hmmmm... I can try rolling back to an older driver but this is a fresh install so I have no idea if this will be a similar issue with a different driver
  9. I am having a really weird issue where I can quite literally see right through the jetway and some ground service vehicles. The issue only happens at certain angles but you can pretty much see only the plane itself. It happens on all aircraft I tested (zibo 737, default 737, default 747, FF 767) and all airports.Additionally, when it snows or rains there is a box where snow and rain effects don't render at all. I recently uninstalled reshade and am running now only xEnviro. I can't say for sure if the issue was caused by reshade as I only discovered the angles so its possible I never stumbled upon it before but perhaps I didn't uninstall it correctly. The issue persists even with xEnviro turned offBesides xEnviro I am running no other graphical mods.Anyone know what could be causing this issue?screenshots:https://imgur.com/a/FAEjAMM
  10. I reinstalled my graphics completely and reset my nvidia settings to my ml liking. I had been experiencing issues with the drivers right when I installed them. After 14 hours of flying with a redo of the flight to sydney I am sure this fixed the issue. I also deleted my cfg file and reinstalled the qualityeings 787 just in case any software needed some refreshing! Hope this helped!
  11. I loaded into EGKK earlier and noticed I was getting somewhere around 8 FPS which is very strange for my system. After reducing my settings I noticed increase in FPS when increasing autogen settings. However, when loading into KSFO I noticed a dramatic increase in performance with my original autogen settings! I saw at least a 20 FPS boost. Which is strange because both of these airports are quite busy airports. I don't have scenery in EGKK but I have flightbeam KSFO HD. Could the default scenery be causing low fps? Thanks for any help on resolving this question! Specs: Ryzen 1950X 32 GB ram 250 GB SSD x2 1080 ti (I only use one in p3d, is it better to use SLI?) edit: I also noticed that the low fps essentially stops when I takeoff. I think it comes down to UT live or the scenery and I lean towards the scenery due to all the evidence, but I have no idea 😕
  12. ok, yes i am speaking mainly about the quality wings 787 where no matter what the fps drops. I think it has something to due with dynamic lighting but there is no way i am turning it off so ill just suck it up 🙂 Thanks for the help!
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