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  1. Hello Henrik, there are certainly a few helpers who would support you in the creation of the routes and plans!!?? Or you publish first only the ships and sometime later the routes! Heiko
  2. Hi Henrik, is there any news because of the new Update??? Half the year is almost over...... Heiko
  3. Henrik....... I'm so curious about the new ships....... ...every day i look at this site and hope that the day of the new update's come....
  4. Hi soerennielsen, what do you mean by that? Try to put the ships of the size of the pier and leave one after the other! Then you see what happens and what I mean!
  5. Hi Henrik, that with the Eurocargo ships was only a question. You do not have to create them extra !! As always, I am very happy with the ships you publish !! I really hope that this does not lead to any delay, since I'm almost bursting with curiosity about the new package! My question regarding evasive maneuvers was related only to the new large container ships (MSC Zoe, CMA CGM Zheng-He, CSCL Globe)! These are the largest and should therefore make no evasive maneuvers on smaller ships! It would have to be the other way around! Since these giants do but I ask myself if you have changed something in the programming in the opposite approach to earlier in the example 360m ships? So that the giants think that they are smaller and have to avoid others! Excuse me, but it's a bit hard to write what I mean exactly!
  6. In the mediterranean sea, many of Eurocargo's ships will be sailing, will a ship be in the new package as well? So a type of ship as the "Eurocargo Ravenna" or "Eurocargo Salerno" for example? Heiko
  7. Hi Henrik, I have a question for you about the new 400m ships. Why do the 400m ships make evasive maneuvers on smaller ships? All ships that I put on the size of the pier, go without problems! only the 400m giants are afraid of smaller ships! What can this be and how do you solve this problem ?? The 360M ships do not have the problem, only the larger ones.
  8. Ok,I'll try!! 3 month, half year? I'm always so impatient,sorry!!! You are the best!!
  9. Hi Henrik, any News for us?? I am currently preparing routes for Sicily and surrounding ports and waiting for the news ferries...
  10. And what is your problem with the program??Ships are not in the harbour? Heiko
  11. Hi jlund, i have made thousands of routes and timetables with aibtc! Which routes with which ships do you need? Heiko
  12. Hi jlund, maybe!! Since i create the ports,routes and timetables at the same time and i have little time to check wether at any time of the day the ships drive as planned and have no collision. Of course,i try to fix all the mistakes in advance,but i can not rule it out! That's why i'm a bit shared to puplish my timetables and routes if not everything is perfect! Another problem is the ports in the fsx, which never really correspond to the reality and modified (leveling,coastal strip remove,etc.) must be so that all real berths can be started. I will finish the ligurian sea (Genoa,Savona,La Spezia,Livorno) first and check and then decide wether it would be good for everyone!
  13. Hi Danny, this is my own scenery! I constantly create new routes and build the ports! With the picture i just wanted to show much traffic i've had in this area!sorry! Heiko
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