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  1. @Ray Proudfoot I did ask but no reply to that one. I've also had mixed luck with the Concorde even though that problem is fixed. These could very well be my problem though. 1. Engine failure on every takeoff regardless of route, I never get the green go lights and this results in the engine failure call out. 2. FO enters the waypoints in a strange order. For example on KJFK-EGLL he will enter waypoint 1 into the number 7 waypoint position. The INS never to aligns either, staying at 9 on the accuracy. Hopefully I'll find some time over the Christmas period to sit down and troubleshoot these, however I wonder if you have had any issues along these lines?
  2. @Ray Proudfoot Concorde fixed with the latest update. Thanks again for your help on this one.
  3. @Ray Proudfoot Yes, he is guiding me through some troubleshooting tests now so hopefully sorted soon. Thanks again for the help and suggestions. Oh enjoy. I’m more than a little jealous with my meagre 10GB. I’ll interested to see how the aircraft is with MSFS, it thankfully handles VRAM much better than P3D. The detail they will be able to get away with should be impressive.
  4. I managed to test on 3rd machine with yet another internet connection via mobile hotspot and the result is the same. Its very unlikely the issue is at my end. Upon installing I noticed by default "no cabin" was selected. Unless they have changed this to be the default config I suggest some information about the users setup is being hosted on the FS Labs servers and some files are personalised on installation. Whatever is causing my issue is linked to my specific account and download. Edit: This was a red herring. This gets selected depending on system VRAM.
  5. @Ray Proudfoot It does look like a completely separate issue that he was having. I usually do uninstall/install both. That poster certainly got more support than I've had so far. At the moment I'm waiting for a response to my reply to the still open support ticket. I took your advise and asked for the IP address for the server as well directly asked for some technical help from one of the devs.
  6. @Ray Proudfoot This was the thread I was originally told to continue the discussion. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/topic/33548-unable-to-connect-to-takeoff-performance-server-at-specific-airport/ I'll check out the event viewer later today and see if I can deduce anything. Yes I'll be keeping an eye on that thread to see if the issues may be related.
  7. @Ray Proudfoot It would be outstanding if they could do that however I need to get past the gatekeepers and have the issue taken seriously. Thanks for the advice and listening to me vent. I'll keep you updated.
  8. @Ray Proudfoot Funnily enough I did get a reply this afternoon "There's no magic solution and the problem is with your system to which we have no knowledge" I've stated that no effort has been made to collect any info about my system but I'll be willing to offer it if they tell me what they need. One concern is that whilst my case may be isolated with a limited number of users (Therefore not worth perusing) , if they are relying on the same code and server's for the MSFS release then they may find many more people with this issue as their customer base expands. @Sethos I'll take a look however this is a hell of an effort to fix a premium piece of software
  9. They did with my first bug report but then after I was told to discuss via the forum the communication has been poor. I guess I'll have to accept the problem "is on my side" and have a half broken product. I'll probably wait until the next update and see if anything fixes the issue. If not I'll have to kick up a fuss again.
  10. One week on and still not had a reply to my support ticket and the problem still exists. Disappointed to say the least.
  11. Unfortunately still waiting for a response to my second ticket, they do state it can take up to 2 business days which its now over. I've been told on the forum yet again that the problem must be at my end, with no offer of further help. Can't say I'm impressed by this lack of support. Certainly not for a product that I paid £80 for.
  12. @Ray Proudfoot Of course I commented on this thread, to be told again that the problem is my end and with no offer of any further help diagnosing the issue. Still waiting on a reply to my support ticket.
  13. @Ray ProudfootIt seems this user was having the same issue but it was resolved in the end. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/topic/33820-has-anyone-tried-the-heathrow-to-shannon-engineering-flight/#comment-266864
  14. Ticket raised this afternoon. Yea presumably he got it sorted. His issues was for specific airports only whereas mine is all airports. The calculations I get are identical to the ones in his screenshot. Must be some sort of fallback Indeed, it would at least give me a bit more info as to whether the problem is at my end. Thanks again, I’ll update you if I hear anything.
  15. The problem with X-Plane no longer exists since changing service provider. I live in a strange part of the country which up until now only had the 1 provider, it wouldn't surprise me if there's some oddity going on with the new one though. Correct, I completely uninstalled the product from one PC and to another. As far as I remember it performance calculations were working fine for the initial release build as well as the first set of updates. It was only after coming back to the software after a couple of weeks that I noticed the noise abatement time was coming far too early. This prompted me to investigate further and I found this thread on the FS Labs forum with someone having a similar issue at specific airports. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/topic/33548-unable-to-connect-to-takeoff-performance-server-at-specific-airport/. For me the issue occurs at every airport. No VPN in use right now, that was only temporary whilst I got those X-Plane download issues sorted. Thanks Ray.
  16. @Ray Proudfoot Apologies, I was referring to an update to the Concorde software, I've also flipped between the experimental channel with no difference. The fact the same issue occurs on two separate systems perhaps suggest the problem lays elsewhere. A while back I couldn't connect to the X-Plane download server on any PC unless using a VPN. This thankfully cleared up after changing ISP, but I wonder if something similar is going on here. I've sent a new ticket to FS Labs in the meantime. As someone who works in flight sim development I know how frustrating these individual issues can be to track down. @jcomm I'm actually using Windows 11, there is an update waiting for install so I'll get that installed.
  17. Hi Ray. It was certainly working for me the first time I installed the product however at some point, perhaps after an update it stopped. Everything was indeed installed with admin privileges and using the HP200 through a networked device results in exactly the same. I’ve actually tried to perform the calculations with the firewall disabled for a short time but this results in the same effect. I’ve also had the product installed on another PC with the same luck. The final thing I did was to connect my PC via a mobile hotspot to discount any strange things going on with my ISP however the result is the same. My internet is connected via Wi-Fi to the router normally. I may raise another support ticket and ask just that. I appreciate the help. John
  18. Hi all. After a couple of weeks enjoying the Concorde I noticed that something was wrong with the noise abatement calculations, always defaulting to 1:04. After some investigation it turned out the HP200 cannot connect to the takeoff performance server. As a result the V speeds always turn out the same too. I sent a support ticket to FS Labs but was told to continue the discussion of the issue on a forum thread which I’d already posted to. Here I was told the issue was a problem with my connection and any further posts have been ignored. A week later after disabling firewalls, installing on different PC’s and trying different connection I’m stuck with the issue. Any help with this issue would be much appreciated. John
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