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  1. Where is this option located in the sim?
  2. There’s no doubt about it, the terrain does get blurry at altitude. Setting the terrain LOD to 200 helps but it’s still not acceptable.
  3. The more screenshots we see if third party aircraft in the sim I see, a few things are clear. The visual quality of aircraft have been fantastic for a few years now, beating the quality of the default aircraft of the new sim in many respects. The issue is that we have been flying them around in an old generation world. Imagine flying an fsx aircraft around in fs2000 scenery.
  4. Finally I got an invite to the alpha but there’s one problem. My new pc is broken and back at the shop for the next two weeks. Originally I signed up for the alpha with my old PC but changed it when my new system arrived. I still have my old PC, yea it’s a lot less powerful but I wonder if it would be possible to install the Alpha on this for the time being?
  5. Seems they are still sending out Alpha invitations. Shame my PC is broken and back and the shop. 😭
  6. Ah fantastic. I don’t have a CD drive but I will be buying the physical version and a usb cd drive anyway. Just for the nostalgia.
  7. It would be good if the physical version also have access to the download in case of damage etc.
  8. Thanks I will take a look. For the reheat times it was just purely a comparison with the Concorde X. Ive only really done the comparisons at those weights so far. I will have do some more in time. Didn’t realise that Vr was so low at those weights. Always assumed it to be around 170 knots. Thanks again
  9. The plus is just the name given to the product that Navblue produces.
  10. Is that a solar eclipse in the last imagine?! I used to play around in fs2000 trying to get the 1999 eclipse to happen. 😂 Great to see the charts being included as well as Navdata. Navblue might sound like a new company but you should look up the history but parts have been around for quite a while in various forms.
  11. Hello, Thanks for your insight. This is exactly the sort of reply I hoped to get from others. It looks like I’m in the right ballpark with this then. The reheats do have to be cancelled manually and they have to be cancelled well before 1:20 in order to stay below 250 at those weights. I said I would try to give the developer more constructive criticism directly in future but it’s very difficult to find resources that go into this much detail. I’m hardly going to just send the FSlabs manual and tutorial. Are you aware of any websites or books that might contain the relevant info, performance graphs etc? Thanks
  12. Hello I mainly post over in the other forum but I thought it might be useful to get as many peoples inputs as possible on this aircraft . My reference to compare this add on is the Concorde X for P3d but I also have various bits of knowledge I’ve collected over the years from all sorts of books and videos. Firstly the developer is promising a new update after X plane 11.50 comes out of beta with more autopilot functions which I look forward to. The one major thing that’s bothering me however is the performance of the aircraft. Correct me if I’m wrong but with 93 tonnes of fuel and a full passenger load I should not be hitting 190 knots after 30 seconds? Also it’s rather easy to bust 250 knots at 20 degrees pitch up with these weights. The engine power entered into plane maker looks correct but the plane seems over powered. Unfortunately the developer and many users don’t seem to be aware of any issue with the flight dynamics. As I said on the other forum, it would be nice to have an aircraft that handles like the real thing, not just something that handles like people think the aircraft used to fly. E.g behaving like a rocket at MTOW.
  13. Why does the 747 look like it’s in space in those screenshots. It looks like one of those bad photoshops of something that’s meant to be from space. Even with the sun so low on the sky, it does not look like that from 36000 feet
  14. I think you might be correct. The only issue i'd have with that is that even at initial condition, the models can be wrong when you're talking on a local scale. I suppose its still better than creating the weather from METAR's. Active sky is supposed to be accurate, maybe on a regional scale yea but its still not that great.
  15. I’m a little confused by this update. Are they saying FS2020 will have forecasted weather as well as real time? One thing I’d say is that the lightning looks like slow motion.
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