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  1. And I'm from the Netherlands, we also use the "," I also don't know how to change my windows in a American style format.
  2. Hello Manuel, Thank you for your quick reply! It's Dutch, not German 😉 There's no "PushbackExpress.xml" in the directory, only "Newtonsoft.Json.xml" , is that the one you need, or where can I find the file you need? It happens when I open the Settings windows. I just also noticed that the volume option doesn't get saved after changing, maybe it has to do something with that?, I don't know. It's just very disappointing that I have to install Pushback Express every time again! Björn
  3. Hello, After opening the settings panel I become the following error. Also the pushback doesn't work anymore. After I reinstall it works for one time, and the second time I open the program I become this error again. I already tried to install and open Pushback Express as administrator.
  4. Where can I find this fltplan app? It isn't in the play store.
  5. Like I already said; this is really great! Just one question: is there maybe also a way/possibility to show the European low and high ifr charts? Thanks a lot for all your efforts!
  6. No problem at all, I'm looking forward to every upcoming update! Thanks again, Björn
  7. Hello Alex, I really don't know anything about that and also how much time and work it takes to change the data compiler, but I really appreciate that you are considering it! Do you know if the initial climb altitude is also part of the ARINC format? Thanks, Björn
  8. Hello, Is there maybe a possibility to implement Runway Minima? Or an option to add them manually? I wish you all a nice day!
  9. Exactly, that's the button I mean. I'm sorry couldn't post a picture, because I'm away from home
  10. Hello Rolf, I experienced the same and noticed that for me disabling these "weather icons" made LNM smooth again. You could give it a try. Björn
  11. Hello gentlemen, Could somebody please confirm that there's no NOAA weather data at the moment? I activated it in the option menu, but there's no data showing up. Thanks
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