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  1. The possiblity to see the transition altitude and the minimums for landing. These two things would be fantastic to implement. And if it's not possible, maybe there could be an option added to add them manually into the program
  2. I don't know, the pattern altitude is 1300ft, so I believed that that's the number I need when flying. But honestly, I really don't know, could be just wrong understanding or thinking of me.☺️
  3. Okay, could be my fault, but for all the Dutch airports in the official docs from AIP Netherlands the visual traffic circuits are described in FT AMSL The traffic pattern shows 1670ft, this is not 1300ft AMSL, like it supposed to be, it's 1300ft + the aerodrome elev. My question just was to directly get the 1300ft displayed, without subtracting the aerodrome elevation and put this in here: Thank you! Björn
  4. Hello, I've noticed that when adding a traffic pattern it's possible to change the pattern altitude. This is however the altitude above the airport elevation. In the charts (normally) the altitude of traffic patterns is AMSL. Is there a possibility to change this so that it's not necessary to convert and that's also AMSL displayed on the LNM Map? Thanks 👍 Björn
  5. Hello Alex, Thank you for your reply, but for me it doesn't seem to work. When I click the "force map to show add-on airports" button nothing happens. I remember having this "problem" for a longer time ago and for me I made this solution: I made userpoints for all the add-on airports I've installed and made them visible from 1000 nm to make them especially point out and make visible on the map when zooming out. Regards, Björn
  6. Hello, Just a quick question, as a long time P3D user I didn't know about this feature 🙂 Is there a possibility to see also the add-on airports I installed in MSFS? (Community folder?) Thank you!
  7. And I'm from the Netherlands, we also use the "," I also don't know how to change my windows in a American style format.
  8. Hello Manuel, Thank you for your quick reply! It's Dutch, not German 😉 There's no "PushbackExpress.xml" in the directory, only "Newtonsoft.Json.xml" , is that the one you need, or where can I find the file you need? It happens when I open the Settings windows. I just also noticed that the volume option doesn't get saved after changing, maybe it has to do something with that?, I don't know. It's just very disappointing that I have to install Pushback Express every time again! Björn
  9. Hello, After opening the settings panel I become the following error. Also the pushback doesn't work anymore. After I reinstall it works for one time, and the second time I open the program I become this error again. I already tried to install and open Pushback Express as administrator.
  10. Like I already said; this is really great! Just one question: is there maybe also a way/possibility to show the European low and high ifr charts? Thanks a lot for all your efforts!
  11. No problem at all, I already thought that it was insolent asking you for my wishes. For me Little Navmap is the best flightsim add-on that exists, and it gets better and better with every update! Then, I have to school myself in patience and hopefully someday you will add this feature. Thank you! Best regards, Björn
  12. Hello Alex, I don't know if it is too much asked or just impossible to implement, but a very very cool feature would be to "move" or change the parking position from the user aircraft from within Little NavMap. Do you understand what I'm thinking about? I'll give you an example: Going in LNM to EDDL airport view, zoom in to stand A3 and then for example with a right click the option "move user aircraft / simulator aircraft to this parking position" and after clicking p3d will load my plane exactly to this position. And then I go to EDDH stand 45, right click, move airplane to this location and .... P3d loads this parking position. Oh man that would be a dream that comes true 😉 Thank you for your effort and have a good weekend! Björn
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