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  1. Can we get ANY assistance on this? as a commercial user we really feel help should be available.
  2. Went to make a safety backup for our AATD full motion simulator using a drive imaging tool. Windows boots great, no signs of problems except Xplane 9.7 COMMERCIAL version crashes: "Loading Plugin: rxpGNS.xpl" Attached are the relevant files below. I did try adding GNS530SIM.exe to Data Execution Prevention but that didn't' seem to help. Please advise, -B crash_log.txt:
  3. Flying Carenado PA34 Seneca V, it's got two 430's in the panel. When i load RealityXP's GTN750 up and set it for COM1, it's competing with the existing COM1 Garmin 430. How do I effectively DISABLE the 430 on COM1? or assign it to COM3 for example? Thanks -Brendan
  4. Fortunately f1 responded quickly to my ticket - wanted to share on this thread what the issue was (it was not the firewall nor antivirus, but a protocol setting!) [link removed] Just checkboxed those few items, and off I go!
  5. During install there's the 'test connection' and no matter what I do from this Windows 7 machine (dedicated to my flight sim) I get the installer error "There was an error making proper connection to the server. If you are certain you are connected to the the Internet, please check your firewall settings." I have disabled the windows firewall, there's no other firewall software installed - I also tested another machine on the network and it PASSES the test, so it's not my router or internet - it's something about this machine that's not happy. Can anyone make a suggestion? Is there a logfile somewhere that will tell me some sort of detail? Any help is appreciated! -Brendan
  6. I own a full AATD that yes gets a little commercial use, but primarily for me for personal use. When i'm PLAYING AROUND personally, I'd like to install my home-use licensed GTN 750, cause it's not being used in a commercial setting.... just me doing PilotEdge..... Will the 750 install and run under XPlane Pro 9.7 at all, or will it force me into a pro version somehow? Is a pro version even available if i find students want to start using it too? i will honor the license limits, but I am sure from my usage you can understand my reasonable question... Thanks! -Brendan
  7. Flew properly today, new SID's worked as expected. Good luck to all!
  8. Initial signs are good - it's running, charts load (seemingly correct including departures) and the SIDS and STARS are loading correctly. Maybe a cleaner way, ut here's what I did: 1. Copied the entire contents of my GTN750 card (all the files in the root folder) to the C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases folder, and OVERWRITE originals. 2. Copied DATACARD\ldr_sys CONTENTS (two files) to the C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases folder, and OVERWRITE originals 3. Copied DATACARD\active\fc_tpc FOLDER to C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\fc_tpc folder, and OVERWRITE originals. Looks good so far, hope this helps others. -Brendan
  9. Thank you for the reply RXP - have you tested doing an update? Curious on the steps in 6.41...... Can we just delete all the fc_tpc charts and fc_tpc.dat files? What OTHER files need to come off the Garmin data card from my plane? Or do I just do a full replace on anything and everything it wants to EXCEPT move the Charts to fc_tpc folder? Thanks, -Brendan
  10. reviving old convo - i have a garmin database subscription..... how can i update the CHARTS in the GTN Trainer using my chart subscription?
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