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  1. A plane released as beta, a plane with 5 patches fixing more issues than I fit in a tom Clancy novel, and still a plane that will NOT hold LNAV, or even track a heading properly. and it gets 9/10? 9/10 essentially implies perfection! avsim has become a total joke when it comes to credibility by allowing such glaring disservice to the community as here be posted as an official review. I think we all have ignored anything that's been reviewed on here for years but gems such as this remind us exactly as to WHY.
  2. oooh ooooh I got a dev to read this and comment. my mission in life is achieved. seriously tho, keep the current level of not caring. I can live with that. wink
  3. I too am looking towards upcoming patches. What im not looking forward to is how long it historically takes them to make those. But we shall see, since they have a lot riding on this they might expedite. Oddly enough the refresh rate on the displays is perfect which I think is whatever your actual fps are. PMDG's I think I keep them all on 20fps.basically anything over 20 on a lcd will provide pretty fluid view. you will never come close to the fluidity of the leveld tho but that thing is literally too resource efficient to not be smooth as it gets. Due to vas im seeing Africa a lot in this planes fsx future.. long flights over empty barren water and nothing on the land itself should keep it happy. pretty much same as with the 777. no KLAX to EHAM (at least not with aftermarket on those airports and regions). I am cautiously excited about this adding features near the end of the prepar 4 life cycle when the sim itself is stable. It appears they might time that version in time for that not on purpose but just due to how long it takes them. Should be pretty awesome by then if they capitalize on all that will be possible (like weather effects that are finally being worked on by Lockheed)
  4. well tbh the seats make sense because when you adjust your view position, if you jam your "camera" into the seat/headrest it prevents your mouse from engaging buttons. so moving the seat when its in the way is desired vs moving the view to a compromise position or zoom. so that at least has functional use. the windows yes are completely cosmetic but I love opening them up after a flight and hearing those ambient sounds rumble around especially if on a tropical airport. I also like to look around with the contrast between clear view and glass through view.. its a personal thing.. I do it almost every flight with the a320. does plenty for the immersion. some people also like to do virtual walk around their plane. I don't do that but I can certainly understand why they would do that. I remember QW promising an actual CABIN for this plane. they even showed us the cabin fully modeled! that is gone too (makes sense cause of vas). but a lot of the preview features were nixed. you can go back to 2015 and still see those images
  5. summary of the things that drive me mad about that thing. im only listing the negs. plenty of people will give it vague praise as is. visuals: displays are not pleasant to look at. there are no effects on them - it's literally computer font on black blackground. it looks exactly the same if you draw lines yourself in MSPAINT. that's exactly how they look inside the sim. if you didn't know it, you would never think there are screens there! even 2014's aerosoft airbuses did miles better in simulating the LCDs, in 2014 with code that at that point was 5 years old. also antialias seems to really not work on them. always jagged no matter what. it aint no pmdg and for the size of those screens, no excuse either. also no brightness adjustment at all. nada. zip. vc textures are ok but look cartoony in spots. the color of the boeing is a tough one to capture, i'll give them that but they didn't put much effort to make it less drawn. carpet is too grainy. but im mostly concerned with glareshield. systems: VNAV only works if you don't change anything during flight. LNAV cannot follow the line. sharp turns and curves confuse it. it generally doesn't like to turn period. major issues changing between lnav and heading modes. lnav is as bad as the CRJ when it came out basically.... totally frustrating inexcusable issue to sell this with. funny things: the click zones for the window shades are too huge. everything is a click zone for those. WHY?????? the windows do not open. no you didn't run out of animations. so why not model that? you (qw) never do those on your planes but the first few times I could give you a pass given it was 30$. again for that price point on this beta, no excuse. yes I like my windows opening. especially when there's so many other things that are off. trim has a delay limit. you can only change it so fast. quick trimming the plane is impossible. it will only click once per second no matter what you do. and you have to release the button to reset the counter before it will trim again. way more annoying than the 777 (which has the same horrible digital trim gizmo logic). tldr: needs patches bad and fast. but they don't care.
  6. nobody knows anything. not even the people allegedly making it. hoping someone would take over the project but I fear what they have on it is so old its utterly obsolete and useless might as well start fresh
  7. When released: unusable. run away. avoid. After all the patches so far: totally usable but displays still blurry as all hell. Its a pain to see anything in there. sounds are still meh Id get it if you really want it. but only if you like the plane.
  8. few years ago I collapsed at a gas station from kidney stone pain. my body doesn't like pain and it just froze. muscles spasmed, couldn't breathe etc. I denied an ambulance (broke) as I started feeling better once on the ground. drove the 2 miles home to take some meds (not the first time ive had a similar episode). passed the little nasties soon thereafter. been ok ever since, at least with that. its odd how your body behaves under duress. you think you have control but you really dont
  9. No need to continue being condescending every chance you get. I find your online mannerisms amusing as they are continually regressing. People ask because you never release any long term plans with anything specific or tangible, yet act defensive as if you have the entire universe of events mapped out for the next 1000 years. To use your analogy, im quite confident people can see where an airline has flights months in advance, along with how long it takes to get there. have a good one lads.
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