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  1. So it looks like I've answered my own question - the way to do it is this:- 1) Uninstall both old Garmin Trainer and Reality XP GTN 2) Install new Garmin trainer 3) Install latest RXP GTN Then it works!
  2. I have just updated to Carenado's latest C210 for X-Plane 11 and hoped the GTN750 would work with it. It didn't - just a blank screen. So I uninstalled the old Garmin Trainer (6.2) and installed the latest version 6.41.1 in the hope that this would fix it. Sadly, it didn't. Now the GTN doesn't work in either the new C210 or in the old one! Can RXP please advise. Is the RXP GTN compatible with this latest Garmin trainer software? Thank you. David
  3. I bought the updated version a few days ago but it doesn't work - X-Plane freezes when I try to load it. All the other planes are fine. Ah well - what's the old rule with software? - Never buy Version 1 - always wait for at least V2 !! I have emailed Carenado support but no reply yet.
  4. When I open Plane Maker, in an attempt to modify the standard C172 panel, the panel is blank - no dials. I then try to re-open the standard C172 but there is still no panel content and the program will often then freeze. I recently did the latest X-Plane 11 update. Any ideas? I'd like to add a DME and HSI to the standard C172 panel. Thanks, David
  5. Many thanks. The C210 Centurion looks just the job - ideal panel.
  6. Dear JYW Thanks, Absolutely agree - it's superb - I've been using it on FSX but I've changed to X-Plane recently. Sadly, they don't do it for X-Plane. Does anyone know of something similar for X-Plane please?
  7. Dear Forum Could anyone please recommend a really good IFR equipped Cessna 182 (or similar) for instrument training practice. A2A do a superb C182 for FSX but they don't have an X-Plane version. It must have:- HSI DME ADF Old fashioned round dials This is in order to practice NDB holds, ILS and localiser/DME approaches and to be as similar to my real world plane (Robin President DR500) as possible. Unfortunately, the 'out of the box' C172 doesn't have a DME or an HSI and is a bit slow. Many thanks for your kind advice. Regards, David
  8. Dear RXP Please take a constructive view of what follows as it is meant to be helpful. I am pleased that you recognize a problem with your customer service. In truth, the last three weeks have been a terrible customer experience for me, while I battled to fix your product. There are two things you should correct:- 1) The installer should work like an Apple product - "It just works" - In my case, it needed recognize that there was an old copy of Garmin Trainer Lite already installed and prompt to uninstall it or (even better) uninstall it for you. 2) You should offer prompt and effective customer service through your own web site and not force customers to somehow find this forum - that alone is a huge hurdle for many. It took me days to even be able to post a message on this forum. I guess that there are many customers, like me, who bought your product, couldn't get it to work and gave up. This is very bad business for you and deeply damaging to your reputation and to the reputation of flight simulation. Honestly, truly, it just won't do in this day and age. I wish you all the best and, by the way, when your GTN750 is working, it is awesome. Thank you. David Finally - Please can you advise me on this - it should be easy I guess:- The GTN won't 'stack' I have clicked "Plugins > Reality XP GTN > GTN1 > Make window stack" but nothing happens. Am I missing something? Thanks
  9. Dear RXP Thanks for that. My installed version of Garmin Trainer Lite was From what you said,I figured that I had best uninstall this and install the latest version 6. This I did and NOW THE GTN750 for X-Plane WORKS! Thank you. But guess what - the GTN750 for FSX doesn't work anymore! - doh! Is there any way that your product for FSX can now be made to work too please? Thanks, David
  10. Dear Alvega Thank you for your clearly presented suggestion. I tried this but the problem is (as before) that GTN Trainer will not install because "Another version of this product is already installed ......" The full error message is:- "Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel" (If I could figure out how to post pictures on this forum, I'd show you a screen shot) Clearly, I could try uninstalling the existing version of GTN Trainer and then re-install but I'd rather not, since it works fine with your product for FSX and I don't want to mess that up. My aim is to get both your FSX and X-Plane versions working. There must be some way to get your X-Plane version to use the existing GTN Trainer. Could you please tell me what this is? (in clear, slow, non technical terms) Thanks, David
  11. Dear Alvega Thank you for your kind and thoughtful post. Yes, I have tried everything, including reinstalling the Garmin trainer and reinstalling the GTN750 several times. in fact, many hours of my time have been given over to trying to get RealityXP's software working! Why? - because my real world plane has a GTN750 (which is superb) and I want to practice instrument training on X-Plane with it running, since this would be very helpful. But hey, whatever I try doesn't help and RXP seem to have technical help which is worse than anything I've ever experienced before - I've been three weeks at this already and, frankly, life is too short. Come on RXP - prove me wrong - tell me how to get this thing going please. Regards, David
  12. Dear HWDALE That's a shame. Having paid $49.95 for commercial software, you at least have an expectation that it will work. There really are only two choices - get it working or claim a refund. Flight1 tell me that you can claim a refund within a month of purchase but, if paid for by credit card, you could also get a refund from your card provider as the 'goods are not fit for purpose' There is no doubt about this under consumer law. I am very sorry to say that RealityXP seem content to take your money for a product that they know doesn't work. I have been astonished at how difficult it is to get any semblance of support for this product. The next few days will tell whether I can get mine working. If I can't, I'm inclined to 'kick up some dust', as this situation really is too bad. regards, David
  13. Dear RXP They look the same as before:- rxpGtnSim.dll 17/06/26 19:52:16.272 13680 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 17/06/26 19:52:33.769 13680 WARN ] can't find trainer installer path rxpGTN.xpl 17/06/26 19:52:13.605 13680 - ] # win.xpl version
  14. Very disappointing. I have reinstalled Reality XP's GTN750 for X-Plane (latest version) but the result is the same error message:- "Setup could not install the extra files. The Garmin Trainer returned: The system cannot find the file specified. Setup will now continue installing but the product will fail running properly" Yes indeed - just the same old blank screen on the GTN750 on X-Plane. Please note that the Garmin trainer is installed fine - it works independently and also with the FSX version of your product. The problem is that the RXP plug-in for X-Plane doesn't know where the Garmin trainer is! Could you please explain, IN SIMPLE LANGUAGE (not tech speak) how I can correct this. Thank you, David
  15. It would be really nice to think, that after two weeks, some answers could be forthcoming as to why this RXP software has never worked.
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