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  1. Hello Is there any FPS/Performance improvements after the second update? Thanks Nikita
  2. I switched from Ezdok v3 to Chaseplane and absolutely love it. Two Questions: 1. Ezdok had a motion effect where if the spoilers, gear or flaps are extended, then the VC camera shakes. I do not see that option in Chaseplane.I miss it. 2. Does chaseplane take away FPS. There were numerious people reporting that it does but that was a few years ago. I have the latest chaseplane version and wanted to find out if that has been fixed. Thank you Nikita
  3. This plane is by far the worst regarding the fps. PMDG, QW, Aerosoft, FSLabs are all substantially better fps wise. Either its poorly optimized or something is wrong here. Is there a way to remove cabin maybe. That could be taking a lot of performance away,
  4. I could not find the answer in the manuals, how come the EFB send output is unavailable when finished Take off Calculations. Qualitinwgs you can send FMC V speeds straight to FMS. Thanks
  5. How much did you spend on your rig? if its not a secret. I spent $2600 for my laptop. So not cheap, but if i buy a desktop around that price, will it be powerful enough you think?
  6. Thanks for the Help Brother! So basically it comes down to buying Desktop to play FSX. Since its more powerful than even when compared to high end gaming laptops.
  7. Well.............word not allowed lol. Brand new Laptop that is pretty expensive still cannot handle FSX but can handle brand new PC games like nothing everything Maxed Out. Maybe switching to p3dv4 will have a difference?
  8. So in this case having a better CPU is what makes a difference, and not GPU? 6700K is better than 7700HQ?
  9. How do you get silky smooth performance. What are your settings? Please share
  10. No its just I though having pretty good laptop can handle the FSX;SE Or is it because the engine is just too old and cannot fully utilize the new GPU and CPU
  11. I own FSX:SE I have PMDG 74v3,777,737ngx, and other add on planes and sceneries. 747 for me is by far the most heavy on performance. I have MSI GE72MVR laptop with Windows 10 64 bit, Nvidia 1070, 16GB RAM, Intel I7700HQ, 1TB +256SD. FSX is installed onto the hard rive. I have micro stutters every time I fly the plane. But in General, does FSX: SE runs poor and lags even on high end rigs? IS it that time to switch to P3D? My settings are not even set to Ultra. Scenery and weather are set to medium. Thank you
  12. I see. Thank you very much. Hopefully those Performance Optimizations pay off
  13. When I open the Operations center and choose 737NGX for FSX SE and see what was changed in changelog it just shows: Page unavailable. All other planes 747v3 and 777 Work fine. I was wondering what was changed recently for the 737 during the update that you guys rolled all out for all the planes.
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