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  1. mckenziesay

    What's your day job?

    I work as a web developer for Petstreetmall, we are currently having a 30% discount on selected items such as dog crates, cat beds, and ferret cages. Feel free to message me for more information.
  2. mckenziesay

    Please close my account

    May I know the reason why?
  3. mckenziesay

    What other games do you play (if any)?

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is the current game that I am playing.
  4. mckenziesay

    How tall are you?

    5'4 oh my I am too small. LOL
  5. mckenziesay

    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome on board!
  6. mckenziesay

    Aviation is boring

    I guess all job gets boring once if it's not your passion. There might be some instances that you will be demotivated but that's where the challenge begins.
  7. mckenziesay

    Hello all.

    Welcome to the club!
  8. mckenziesay

    Your age?

  9. There's always a start new thread/topic on the upper right or left of a forum.
  10. mckenziesay

    No ones flying this plane happy holidays.

    I think I would give it a try, for sure these planes have undergone maintenance and quality check.