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  1. I should add that I'm using ORBX scenery. But when investigating a fix for the elevation issues I was seeing I tried turning off all of my ORBX scenery and still had the same issue. So I anticipate that the fix will work for people who don't use ORBX scenery.
  2. I recently purchased KSTL by Taxi2Gate and installed it in P3D 5.4. Was frustrated with the elevation issues but I finally figured out how to get it to work. After installing the airport I opened Airport Design Editor and searched for the default KSTL (File, Open Stock Airport, search for KSTL and open it). Then I went to Tools, Change Airport Reference Data and found the altitude of the default KSTL. I then opened the Taxi2Gate KSTL BGL and changed the altitude for the airport to the same as the default KSTL. Saved the project, compiled and then replaced (swapped out) the bgl file. After that there were still some issues with airport terrain but turning off the flatten bgl for the airport fixed that isssue. Found the GSX profile for the airport on the inibuilds forum so I have moving jetways but still no taxi lights at night. I'm hoping that Taxi2Gate puts out a P3D v5 version at some point.
  3. Nevermind. It's apparently been a while since installing a Carenado aircraft and I forgot I had to run the F1GTN750PA44.exe file. Running that put in the bezel and then I was able to successfully set up the Reality XP GTN 750. So problem solved. Just need to read the installation instructions.
  4. Another lesson from this is I need to backup the panel.cdg and realityxp.ini files for all of my aircraft because I can no longer install the Flight1 GTN and then have Reality XP replace them. And since there is no F1 GTN to replace it would appear that attempting to replace a GNS 530 with a Reality XP GTN doesn't work.
  5. Today I was troubleshooting a sound issue with my aircraft in P3D 4.5 and before I found the actual issue I had decided to reinstall the Carenado Pa44 Seminole, which had no engine sounds. After I reinstalled the aircraft i discovered what was actually causing the sound issue but then this new issue started. Since I am running P3D v4.5 the Flight1 GTN does not work in that version. I had switched over to the Reality XP GTN quite a few versions ago. But now when I start the Pa44 and attempt to integrate the Reality XP GTN into the panel the bezel for the GTN doesn't show and the GTN comes up inside the GNS 530. How can I fix this issue. Is there a way to add a GTN bezel? or to configure the Pa44 Seminole to use the Reality XP GTN bezel. I have tried the latter but it still comes up inside the GNT 530. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I have the same issue when switching from outside views to inside but have found a temporary solution. I have a view set in front of the aircraft so I can look forward without seeing the aircraft panel. When I switch from external to internal I select that view and then press my view for the pilot's inside view and that works for me.
  7. Have you checked your community folder for multiple C414 folders? There were changes in earlier versions which changed the name of the 414 folder. I recently checked for duplicate folders and found one for the 414.
  8. I know I've mentioned this before and it's a little thing, but why does the cabin altitude knob only have one mouse cursor? There is the clockwise cursor for increasing the cabin altitude. But there is no counter-clockwise cursor for decreasing the cabin altitude. That cursor is a zero. A circle with a line through it.
  9. Just tried to fly an ILS R08 at KPUB and the PMS50 GTN750 version would not capture localizer. I saw there was an update to the PMS50 version but that didn't fix the issue. I'm guessing this is related to the SU9 update that was installed today. I tried flying two ILS instrument patterns at KDEN. One with the GNS model and the other with the PMS50 GTN model. Both starting on runway 34R. Both flew the ILS without any issues. So I'll have to check if this is related to the PMS50 and the SU9 update that was released today. Will try flying some short flights with GPS transitioning over to VLOC at destination. Also, I used HDG and VS after takeoff on both models and everything worked out well.
  10. I'm using 1.7.0 beta and the PMS50 GTN version. When engaging the autopilot in ROL with the aircraft trimmed in a climb the VVI decreases. If I then select HDG which switches over to VS the VS doesn't show up as 0 but instead is negative, sometimes -400 fpm or more.
  11. Using 1.7.0 beta when setting the Altitude Alerter there is no sound when adjusting the 10,000 ft tab. Moving all of the other tabs makes a sound, just not when moving the 10,000 tab.
  12. I downloaded the updated systems.cfg file and tried zeroing out the fuel remaining and that worked. Thank you for that information.
  13. Thank you very much for your response. At least I know I'm not the only one and that it's definitely not working as advertised.
  14. Thank you for the explanation but what you wrote doesn't work. If I set up a flight with 80% fuel load that is according to the simulator about 160 gallons of fuel. Yet when I start the flight the flight computer shows, after pressing the funct button once, 206 gal rem. I want to set 160 gallons. But there is no way to zero out the 206 gal rem. So when I press the button to add gal, and the tank is already full, I get more than a full load of fuel. I want to be able to reset the fuel computer and then add the fuel that I have loaded either through the simulator fuel interface, or manually using the fuel computer. I tried starting a new flight and set the fuel to 0 before selecting fly. Once in my parking space, turning on the battery and pressing the fuel computer FUNC button once it shows 206 gal rem. So I believe I have verified there is no way to set fuel less than the maximum amount. Update. After starting a flight and setting zero fuel as the fuel on board I started the flight in parking. Turned on the battery and pressed the FUNC button on the fuel computer. It showed 206. I pressed the FUNC button again and kept pressing the FUNC button to add zero fuel and pressed enter. Now the fuel remaining shows 150 gal. So I'm really confused as to how this fuel computer operates. I also tried the correction process. The fuel computer was showing 206 gal/rem. I subtracted 206 from 1001 and got 795. Turned the battery off, waited and then back on. Pressed the Function button which showed 206. Pressed it again and entered 795. Turned the battery off and then back on and checked the fuel computer does not show zero gal remaining.
  15. I tried checking this out again this morning. Started a flight KBIL to KBZM with the simulator placing the aircraft on the runway at KBIL with engines running. The fuel computer shows 00.0. Pressing the lower left button changes the display to what was stated above 0-.0. I then reset the flight. This time with the fuel computer showing 00.0 I pressed the function button. The display changed to 206 gal rem. But I had set the fuel at 80 percent when I was selecting the aircraft, livery and fuel for the flight. Checking the fuel pulldown menu it shows 80.1 gal per side or 160.2 gal total, yet the fuel computer shows 206 gal rem. I started a new flight with the same model aircraft (GNS 530), set fuel again to 80% or 160.2 gallons. This time after loading the flight plan using the simulator I selected a parking spot and selected fly. I turned the fuel tanks to left and right main and turned on the battery and alternators. I pressed the function button on the fuel computer and it showed 206 gal rem. Am I doing something wrong? Why is it showing about 45-46 gallons more than I have loaded?
  16. Someone mentioned they could not get the 414 to fly a localizer using the PMS50 version. Some of us tried to reproduce the issue. I discovered that the issue exists with the latest version of the PMS50 software but not with the previous version and was letting them know as this affects people using the 414 beta with the PMS50 GTN.
  17. PMS50 2.1.29 is broken for me. Would not capture the localizer. Going back to version 2.1.28.
  18. Wow, it's like the version number for the PMS50 GTN changes daily. I just updated to 2.1.28 and not 2.1.29 is out. I'll install that and do the ILS again.
  19. Version 1.6.2 beta. I just tried your flight plan and was able to fly the approach in the PMS50 version. Granted I am using the payware version of the PMS50 GTN 750. Initially I had an issue capturing the localizer due to the sharp intercept angle in the flight plan. The aircraft turned to intercept but ended up flying through the localizer and had trouble reacquiring. I switched to HDG and set up the intercept and then switched back to VLOC and the aircraft flew the approach.
  20. I started another flight with the PMS50 GTN model. Loaded a saved flight plan, set my fuel to 80% and clicked fly. This put me on one of the runways at KDEN. Again the fuel computer showed 00.0 gal/rem. Clicking on the lower left button on the fuel computer changed the top value to 0-.0 gal/rem. I then shut down the aircraft and turned everything off. I started engines again and the fuel computer still showed the same issue.
  21. I tried turning the battery off, waited and then back on and nothing changed. I'll try turning off the alternators but this shouldn't be happening.
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