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  1. Thank you very much for that tip. I also checked another of my aircraft that had the option for the Reality XP GTN in the installer and it had the following in the panel.cfg file. visible=0 always_visible=0 So I made that change in all of my other aircraft that had this issue. Thanks again.
  2. I recently switched from the F1 GTN to the Reality XP GTN. Now whenever I start a flight the GTN popup comes up. Is there a way to stop this from popping up when I start a flight?
  3. Thank you very much. That took care of it. Amazing program!
  4. I am running the latest version of Little NavMap and I export flight plans for multiple simulators and aircraft. With the last few updates the export names for FSX and P3D changed. Before when exporting for FSX and P3D it would use the format in this example, IFR Denver Intl (KDEN) to Albuquerque International Sunport (KABQ).pln. But now it exports to KDEN Denver Intl.pln. Is there a setting somewhere that I have missed that will change the export name format back to what it was, or at least include the departure and destination airport in the name? All other exports include the departure and destination airports. All except the export for FSX, P3D and now FS2020.
  5. I have been playing around with the settings for the Lear 35 for P3D v4.5 and nothing affects the brightness of the VC screen. In my attempts I somehow messed up the file and ended up copying the Reality XP GTN.ini from the P3D v5.1 installation and pasted it into the P3D v4.5 installation. Now the displays almost match. So don't know what was going on with the file originally in P3D v4.5 but at least the issue has been solved.
  6. I am having one issue however. Not a big one but one that is confusing me. I made the same changes to my Flysimware Lear 35A, Falcon 50 in both P3D v4.5 and v5.1. In v5.1 the GTN popups in both aircraft are very close in brightness to the VC GTN panels. However in P3D v4.5 the popup and VC panel in the Falcon 50 are very close but they are not in the Lear 35A. So I have no idea how to correct this and why it is happening to begin with. I use the same installer for both and select which version of P3D to install the aircraft to. Any ideas?
  7. OK I finally think I have it! On my Flysimware Falcon 50 I opened up the panel.cfg and the RealityXP GTN.ini files after making backups. I found the reference for the [GTN_750_1.DEFAULT]. Copied it and created a new section called [GTN_750_1.MYGTN]. In there I set the screen brightness to -40. In the panel.cfg file there were two references for the GTn 750. Window 6 which is in the upper section of the file and [VCockpit29] under the VC section. In [VCockpit29] I added the reference at the end to MYGTN ( gauge00=rxpGTN!GTN_750_1, 0,0,677,794,MYGTN). Saved everything and started P3D v5. Started a flight with the Falcon 50 and compared the vc gauge brightness to the popup and they match. Thank you for sticking with me.
  8. Thank you for the encouragement and the information. It still doesn't make any sense to me. I was looking for a tutorial on the internet that would show me a before and after to go by. I will keep trying but as I said, even though I have read your information it just doesn't click.
  9. Thank you for the information but it doesn't make any sense to me. The documentation is only helpful if one fully understands how the programming for the Reality XP GTN works, but I do not. So for right now I'm going to leave everything as is. I made a change to the popup panel from the linked post above that helped with the GTNs that were converted from the F1 GTN but I still do not understand how to adjust the brightness on the aircraft that have a Reality XP GTN installer. I really wasn't expecting to have to learn a new programming language just to use the Reality XP GTN. I'm hoping that F1 updates their software so I can go back to that. It didn't have this issue.
  10. The xTremeprototypes Lear 25 V5, the flysimware Falcon 50, lear 35A and some others. All have an option during the install to select the Reality XP GTN 750.
  11. I finally found what was causing the issue. The MILVIZ WX radar. Since there isn't a way to install the aircraft without the weather radar and for now I don't want to uninstall it because it works in P3D v4.5, I have gone into each aircraft's panel.cfg file and remarked out the weather radar gauges. This has for now fixed the stuttering issue. Yeah!
  12. Thanks for the response but none of that makes any sense for me. I just want something simple. As it is it took me hours for reconfigure the aircraft that I have that have the Reality XP GTN in them. So I thank you but guess I'll just have to accept the overly bright screen on some of my aircraft because the brightness wasn't set correctly by Reality XP. It took me two days to configure my aircraft and right now I'm very tempted to go back to the Flight1 GTN series where I didn't have this issue.
  13. I checked and that feature was not turned on. But thanks for mentioning it.
  14. I will look into that. I do use FSUIPC6 but when I had disabled it the sim still had the stutter.
  15. Thanks but that isn't worth it. Will just not use the flysimware aircraft much any more.
  16. I already tried that, disabling the GTN. But I have the GTN and WX radar in other aircraft and they don't have this issue. Thanks for the suggestions. But I have already checked, everything is up to date. Also this only happens in P3D v5.1. I have the same aircraft, scenery and addons in P3D v4.5 and no issue.
  17. I would also ask the question to Reality XP as to why all of this is even necessary to begin with. By that I am asking why the VC panel screen brightness is different from the Popup panel screen brightness? Shouldn't they be set to be the same brightness to begin with?
  18. I have some aircraft that have Reality XP GTN installers, so the VC panel has a bezel which functions. On those aircraft the VC panel brightness is much brighter than the popup panel. So I can't use the fix for NO BEZEL.
  19. I have no idea. As I mentioned I pulled out addons and then put them back in to try to identify any that were causing this behavior. I could not identify any particular addon. Also, this only happens with my Flysimware aircraft and my xTremeprototypes Lear 25. It does not happen on any of my many Carenado aircraft no on my PMDG 737 NGXu or my FSLabs A320. And those last two are definitely complex study level aircraft.
  20. Thanks for the information in this thread. It has partially solved the issue for me. Now as how to adjust the brightness on those aircraft that have a Reality XP GTN installer but still have a very bright in panel GTN with a bezel and a dim popup panel.
  21. Thank you. That partially answers my questions.
  22. Well after removing all of my plugins the stuttering stopped. I put them all back in and removed a few at a time to see if I could identify any that were causing the stuttering. After pulling a few out, putting them back in, pulling a few others out, on and on I could not identify any individual addon that was causing the issue. It would seem the issue is resource related which is only affecting a few aircraft in P3D v5.1 but not in P3D v4.5. Is there anything that can be done with the flysimware aircraft to reduce the resources they use?
  23. Well I should have troubleshot more. I had another aircraft that also had stuttering. I removed all addons from my addon folder and tried P3D v5.1 and the stutter went away, so not to try to figure out which addon is causing this, but only with certain aircraft.
  24. I have been noticing stuttering lately with some of my aircraft when in P3D v5.1. Namely my flysimware aircraft. When, for example, taxiing at KDEN by Flightbeam, I experience momentary stutters about every 15 seconds when taxiing or flying. I thought it was with a particular plugin so I started that line of troubleshooting. Then I started trying other aircraft. No stuttering with my Carenado aircraft, PMDG 737 NGXu, FsLabs A320 etc. But I do experience it with my Flysimware Lear 35A , Falcon 50 and MU2. All of these have the Reality XP GTN 750 installed in them which I did a few days ago, changing from the Flight1 GTN over to the Reality XP GTN. So I am looking for any suggestions as to why I am having this issues. The stuttering does not happen in P3D v4.5, only in P3D v5.1. Thank you for your suggestions.
  25. I just wanted to make a post to say thank you for the existence of this forum. Yesterday I got tired of not being able to update my F1 GTN complete because F1 was not going to do an update to the latest trainer. I also use the Reality XP GTN for X Plane so having two different versions was causing an issue and the last time I did an update I discovered that the latest trainer installers do not allow you to install a previous version but instead force the installation of the latest trainer and will not install if you shut off your internet connection. I was fortunate to have found an off line installer for the previous version which enabled me to restore that version and get both GTNs working again, otherwise I would have had no GTN in P3D. All of that prompted me to make the move over to the P3D version of the Reality XP GTN 750 and 650. I installed them yesterday and spent an entire day configuring the aircraft in both P3D v4.5 and v5.1 (I have a lot of aircraft). After finishing the configuration I discovered an issue. On many aircraft I had no nav1. I could tune in a frequency but there was no ident and a nav off flag. So I could not do any VOR or ILS approaches on most of my aircraft. After a lot ot fruitless troubleshooting I found this forum and found a solution that someone had posted. I tried that and it fixed the issue which occurs in the aircraft which have an installer that only supports the F1 GTN but not the Reality XP GTN. For those aircraft after installing I had to go into the Reality XP plugin and use the utility to switch the F1 GTNs over to Reality XP. That process leaves behind entries in the panel.cfg files which refer to the F1 GTN. It was those left over entries which were causing my issue. Only by removing those left behind entries was my issue resolved. So thank you again for this forum where I found the solution to my issue. I am up and running again with the Reality XP GTNs installed in both X Plane 11 and P3D.
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