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  1. This morning I was flying from KPUB to KDEN. P2A directed me to runway 17 for takeoff. After takeoff from KPUB, followed instructions, runway heading until 5,700' then left to 340, climb to 9,000'. Was then cleared to 14,000' then immediately P2A directed me to descend to 5,400'. I waited until being turned over to center but center kept up with the descend to 5,400'. Tried to request 14,000 but it kept on so I killed the connection and then reconnedted and filed the flight plan again and center continued on normally giving me expected approach at KDEN.
  2. Apparently that doesn't work any more with Windows 10. But I was able to do a repair on the Acrobat Reader installation and things are back to normal again. Thank you. That's what I get for purchasing and installing a PDF editor.
  3. I am running version 2504 with Navigraph. When I opened the TERPS window before I could get Pilot2ATC to display the chart inside the TERPS popup window. That is not working now, instead when I select a chart it opens up Acrobat Reader. I tried reinstalling the program but still have the same issue. Is there any way I can get it to open the charts in the TERPS windows again?
  4. jfwharton

    Flight Plans (Importing and exporting) V2

    OK thank you for the information. I'll just adjust and possible just use VFR for the flight plan type going forward.
  5. jfwharton

    Flight Plans (Importing and exporting) V2

    Interesting, I don't remember that from when I was flying. I had to make sure weather was good enough for available approaches but never had to include an approach when filing a flight plan at a military base. Did this change recently? Also I am doing the same thing as I did before when importing a flight plan and have left the type of flight play as whatever it was set to. Assumed to be IFR. Well if that's the way it is I guess I'll be flying VFR flight plans. Never made sense to plan an approach when you don't know what the winds will be.
  6. jfwharton

    Flight Plans (Importing and exporting) V2

    Today I had created a new flight plan from KSEA to KPDX. KSEA, TCM, BAT, KPDX. When importing the flight plan from FSX I validated and when I tried to file it stated that I "have to have an approach specified" and would not let me file the flight plan without it. I haven't had to have an approach before so what has changed? I'm running version x 64.
  7. jfwharton

    F1 GTN 750 not showing distance to VORs

    Thanks for the information. There is a lot to learn with this GTN 750. I did discover the ability to change the corner fields and have set the lower right from waypoint distance to VOR/LOC - Tuned VOR/LOC Info. Thank you again.
  8. jfwharton

    F1 GTN 750 not showing distance to VORs

    Yes I did. When a flight plan is loaded the lower right corner shows the distance to the next waypoint. If I change over to VLOC and manually tune in a station the distance in the lower right corner does not change from the flight plan distance.
  9. I recently purchased the F1 GTN Complete package and installed it into FSX SE. Recently when flying in one of my GTN 750 equipped aircraft I noticed when putting in a VOR frequency, my HSI course indicator works correctly but the GTN 750 does not show the distance to the VOR. I could have sworn this was working correctly until recently and I'm trying to find out what I did that could have caused this to happen. I have uninstalled all of the aircraft with the instrument panel integrated GTN 750s, Uninstalled the GTN Complete package. Rebooted and reinstalled the GTN Complete package and the aircraft running the installations as administrator. The issue still exists. Did I imagine it working before or is this the way the GTN 750 is supposed to work? Please advise.
  10. jfwharton

    xpuipc website down plz help

    I search the web and found a forum that has a download link to the latest version of XPUIPC https://forum.fsairlines.net/viewtopic.php?t=9287
  11. jfwharton

    Pilot2ATC Installation

    Posted in error, deleted content because I couldn't delete the post.
  12. jfwharton

    Any way to turn off TOD?

    I tried again going to KCOS and turned off FPL and requested taxi, then takeoff and an ILS approach. No TOD error.
  13. jfwharton

    Any way to turn off TOD?

    I tried something different this time. Before requesting taxi I turned off the flight plan button. Then requested taxi, takeoff, and contacted approach without the error popping up.
  14. Perhaps I'm trying to do something P2A wasn't designed for. I'm starting FSX SE and not loading any flight plan. Starting at KDEN, P2A connected. Check ATIS then contact ground and request taxi to runway 34L. Contact tower request departure but do not request remain in pattern. After takeoff request frequency change to approach. Request radar vectors ILS runway 34L. Start getting errors popping up behind my FSX screen stating it cannot calculate TOD. Is there any way to turn this off, or some other way to fly instrument patterns at an airport?
  15. jfwharton

    Can't Hear P2A sometimes over FSX SE

    I think I have found a solution to this issue. When I right click on the speaker icon in the notification area (Windows 10) and select "Sounds" a popup comes up. On the right side there is a communications tab. There I found the following: When Windows detects communications activity: Mute all other sounds Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80% Reduce the volume of other sounds by 50% Do nothing It was set to the second option. I changed it to "Do nothing". I have tried several flights since making that change and have not had the issue of the ATC voice from Pilot2ATC decreasing in volume.